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It just might be that your just growing.

Pregnancy signs while on the pill are vomiting, nausea and missed period.

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2008-12-17 12:44:47
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Q: Could you have Abdominal cramping and sore breast but already had a regular period is this the birth pill effects or signs of something else like pregnancy?
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Can you be pregnant if you missed your period but still cramping and your breast are not sore?

Long story short, yes you can. I'm a case in point.The only symptom I had when I was pregnant with my daughter was a missed period and cramping. In fact, I kept thinking my period was imminent because of all the cramping, but it never came.I'd advise you to take a pregnancy test if you've already missed your period.

What causes abdominal cramping nausea diarrhea lower back pain with missed period?

your period may simply be late, due to stress, severe weight gain or loss, or a hormonal imbalance. another possibility is that you could possibly be pregnant, so seeing as how you said you already missed a period, i would suggest taking a pregnancy test, and if that is negative, then just go to the doctor and he will check you out.

I am 3 days late for my period and have cramping and diarrha and feel like u do when you are on your period very bloated and gassy?

I'm in the same boat, sister! I have had cramping for the past three days, which is very unusual for me. I'm due to start my period today. Nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. If I were you I would take a pregnancy test within the next couple of days, if you haven't already (not sure when you posted this). Good luck!

Can I be pregnant if my stomach is growing with light periods cramping and lower back pain for the last 2 months but the tests come back negative?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period, or have missed a period already

What is the reason for showing earlier in your second pregnancy?

You tend to carry your second pregnancy lower because your abdominal muscles get stretched so much by the first pregnancy that they're weaker. As a result, they can't support a baby as well as they did before, so the fetus drops lower in your abdomen. Also your uterus has "played the game before" it has already stretched to full capacity and once something has been stretched, it is easier to re stretch it. Nothing is as "tight" as it was before so this will cause you to show earlier.

How do you prevent pregnancy if you're pregnant?

You can not prevent something after it has already happened. By now you can choose between birth or abortion. Both require seeing a doctor.

Why am I cramping and I'm not pregnant?

you probably started ur period and if u were already on it it is probably pms cramps

What position can you put a patient having lower back abdominal pain?

Laying on the side works best, but honestly lower back AND abdominal pain could be something serious, like a herniated disc, tumor or a kidney infection and should be checked out ASAP if you don't already know the cause.

How do you ask to go on birth control?

To get on birth control, let your health care provider know that you're thinking of becoming or are already sexually active, and you'd like to prevent pregnancy. Or, if you're looking for decreased menstrual cramping or some other benefit, ask about that.

Can you lose a baby by taking caster oil?

No, that is a myth. Caster oil can be used if you are constipated but you risk a horrible diarrhea and it can also be used to induce labor though the cramping the diarrhea will cause but only at the end of the pregnancy. So it only works when you are already full term.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

Can you do situps while pregnant?

I wouldn't recommend it, the stomach muscles are already hard at work protecting the uterus and the developing pregnancy, so you would more than likely be putting your body under quite a bit of stress by doing any abdominal exercises

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