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Q: Could you eat exactly 1 tonne of food in a year without altering you weight dramatically?
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what exactly is medical weight loss surgery?

Medical wieght loss surgery involves altering the stomach in order for it to digest only a portion of the food that you intake. It is a drastic step to lossing weight.

What do you put in a box that makes it lighter?

Holes or spaces can be added to a box to make it lighter without changing its physical contents. This reduces the overall weight of the box without altering the items inside.

What is the mechanism for Zyprexa to induce weight gain?

By altering hypothalamic equilibrium

How can you change the weight of an object?

You can change the weight of an object by altering its mass or the force acting on it. Increasing the mass of the object will increase its weight, while decreasing the force acting on it will decrease its weight.

Is weight an example of a physical change?

Weight is not an example of a physical change, but rather a physical property. A physical change involves altering the form or appearance of a substance without changing its chemical composition. Changing the weight of an object would involve chemical reactions or interactions, thus falling outside the definition of a physical change.

What weighs exactly 250 mL?

You cannot associate weight with volume without knowing the density. If you find this out, then Density is mass/volume

What are some quick and easy ways to lose weight?

Quick weight loss is never a sure thing, but by slightly altering your diet, and doing quick, short exercises, you will slowly shed those pounds, without driving you insane! Fruits and vegetables are a great snack that fills you up without gaining weight. This website offers a few select ways to lose pounds pretty easy and quick.

What Characteristics that can be seen by using 5 senses or measured without changing the material?

Some characteristics that can be observed using the 5 senses or measured without changing the material include color, shape, texture, weight, density, temperature, and smell. These properties provide valuable information about the physical attributes of a material without altering its composition.

Is weighing 175 at the age of 14 and the height of 5'11 bad?

It is not bad, it is being you. If you do not like your weight, you can ask your parents to help you loose some weight by altering your diet.

How do you prevent breast reduction while loosing weight?

you can't naturally do it. in the natural process you lose weight everywhere, though probably not so dramatically in that place.

Can I lose weight if I only eat two days a week and drink alot of water?

yes you lose weight dramatically it also helps if you workout as well

How do you cure diabetes?

Since my diagnosis with Diabetes at the age of eleven, my own diet has changed dramatically. I maintain my current healthy weight with a great diet/eating plan. If you do plan on losing more than about a stone in weight then I would visit your doctor for more tips on how to do this without risk. you can check my blog diabetes