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It could be both. 2 weeks after taking Plan B you always have to take a pregnancy test. Or you need to see a doctor.

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Q: Could you be pregnant or did plan b mess up your period?
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Can you be pregnant if you've had protected sex used plan B and had your period really heavy but now you are late Are you pregnant?

I would say that it is probably the plan B that has made your periods go strange. That often happens because it gives your body hormones and then your body can get confused at having those hormones and your other hormones that cause your period go strange too. If you have had sex since taking plan B you could be pregnant. It might be a good idea to take a pregnancy test anyway, just to be certain. If you miss your next period, go and see your doctor

Has anyone gotten pregnant even after using plan b If so did you get your period I took plan b 32 hours after unprotected sex on my most fertile day of my cycle. I got my period as scheduled two weeks?

I took plan b one hour after sex and I ended up pregnant. But if you have your period, you're probably ok. Mine wasn't even late yet and I went to the doctors because I felt sick, and that's when I found out that I am pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill used a condom and took Plan B and have since got your period 3 times but have weird pains in your lower abdomin?


If you missed your last pill and then had unprotected sex but then took plan b the next day and your period has not come when it was suppose to is there any chance of being pregnant?

no. Plan B is very powerful and if you took it immediately afterwards, you will not get pregnant.

Could you be Pregnant if your boyfriend's hand was wet with and he touched you what if you're a virgin this happened during your period you were using a tampon and took Plan B within 7 hrs?

Two questions in one. If your boyfriend's had was wet with sperm and he pushed that into you then yes you could get pregnant. If this happened and you took plan b within 7 hours afterwards then it is highly doubful that you could get pregnant especially considering the other facters that you listed.

If you missed 5 birth control pills and took the morning after pill and missed your period could you still get pregnant?

Yes. Plan B does not guarantee that you are not/will not get pregnant. First of all, Plan B only works if taken within 72 hours of the first time you had unprotected sex (and the sooner, the better). So if you took Plan B five days after you had unprotected sex, it will not work. Also, as mentioned before, Plan B does not guarantee that you will not become pregnant (even if taken correctly). Plan B works better the sooner you use it. If it is taken as directed within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex, it can significantly decrease the chance that you will become pregnant. About 7 out of every 8 women who would have gotten pregnant will not become pregnant. Plan B works even better if taken within the first 24 hours after unprotected sex.

Period was 2 weeks ago could u get pregnant .?

You have a chance of becoming pregnant any time of the month given that you do not use a condom (or that it breaks), are not regularly taking a dependable birth control method, etc. If it's been less than 5 days since the intercourse, you can obtain the "morning after pill", aka Plan B. It will reduce the likelihood that you become pregnant. If you miss your next period, you should take a pregnancy test.

I took Plan B before my last period was due last month After I took it your period came as usual I am now late starting my period this month is this due to the Plan B?

More than likely you are late for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. Stress. Stress can throw you out of wack and mess your period schedule all up. 2. You are pregnant. Orrrrrrrrr: Less serious side effects may include: * nausea, diarrhea, or stomach pain; * breast pain or tenderness; * dizziness, tired feeling; * breast pain or tenderness; * changes in your menstrual periods; or * headache.

Can you be pregnant after getting a negative pregnancy test and having your period only 2 days late because plan B was taken as well?


Could a girl be pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculated in her and her period is 9 days late but has no pregnancy symptoms?

considering you get your period because your uterine wall is shedding from not getting pregnant during ovulation (fertility period). i would say chances are that your egg is no longer "active" and you are not pregnant.

What is the fast way to get pregnant?

Plan out the days you have your period each month. The two weeks before you period starts is when new eggs are forming in your ovaries. That is the time to have sex. Though make sure getting pregnant is what you really want to do. And also make sure you are healthy enough to have a baby.

Can a girl gets pregnant during menstrual period?

yeah... been asked 25000 times If u plan on having sex, u should get educated about it