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Answeri find that extremely false.two blood tests at the most ..should never give you a false result. AnswerSHe said one pee test and one blood test. Answerit sound to me like ur just stressed, that's why your period is late. try and stop thinkin so much about it and i bet your period arrives x Answerwith my daughter i had 5 hpt and they was all negative and i went to docs and it was positive and my period is 3 weeks late and took about 7 test and all negative AnswerActually, it depends on what kind of blood test you get to detect pregnancy. Some women have said that a simple blood test did not show that they were pregnant until they were a few months along and a more elaborate test (that checked for how MUCH of hCG was in the blood and not just detecting if there was any at all).

But as far as HPT's -- most women have said that they do not test positive on a HPT until they were approximately 6 or 7 weeks along. And in some cases, some women have not tested positive on HPTs until they were several MONTHS along. I knew a woman who did not test positive until she was six MONTHS pregnant. It all depends on the woman's hCG levels.

i need to know this, if a girl gets her period that means she isntpregnant right? what if she has an early period, does that mean shestill isn't pregnant but could it mean something different??

so lets say her period is a week early, does that mean she is pregnent??

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you are more than a week late for your period but 5 HPTs were negative?
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What if you continually have your period and keep getting negative HPTs could you still be pregnant?


Could you still be pregnant if your period is a week late followed by a very light period with strong pregnancy symptoms 2 negative HPTs and a negative blood test?

no because it has to take up to a month for that to be obvious.(if you dont have your period in 1 month you are pregnant)

My period is a few days late. But I've taken a few HPTs and all are negative. One however said negative but an hour or so later was positive. Could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant. Try taking another test in a few days.

What could it be if your period is a week late and you have had menstrual-like cramping for three days but HPTs are negative?


Could you be pregnant if you are more than two weeks late and have taken four hpts that were all negative but you still haven't had your period?

yes. HPTs only record the pregnancy hormone. Sometimes, even if you are pregant the body hasn't released the hormone yet so a test would show up negative.

Can you still be pregnant if you take 2 HPTs and they're positive but then you have a doctor tell you it's negative?

If the HPTs were positive then you are definitely pregnant. See a different doctor and get a blood test.

Could you be pregnant if 4 HPTs were negative and you had a spotty very light period that lasted for 3 days instead of 5 and now you're having lower left side abdominal cramps?

Have you been to the DR. It may be possible that you could be pregnant and its an eptopic pregnancy.

What are the chances that you are pregnant if you used a condom every time and have no pregnancy symptoms and 4 negative hpts but your period is 3 weeks late?

Sounds unlikely that you could be pregnant but the only way you'll know for sure is if you go see your doctor for a test.

Could you be pregnant if you didn't get a period at all one month and then the following month you had an abnormally light 3-day period but four negative HPTs?

Yes. Check w/your physician. A home pregnancy test sometimes can show inconclusive when you are indeed pregnant, or the positive sign is so faint that it particially shows up misleading to a negative.

Period was due on March 23 and it is still no where in sight have taken about 10 hpt all negative Is it possible to still be pregnant even with so many negative hpts?

It is possible you are pregnant but you may just have a "problem" so i recomend seeing a doctor or Vagina-cologist.

Could you still be pregnant if your period is over a week late and had 3 negative hpts but never been late or missed a period before?

yes you can be pregnant or you can be stressing so much about not getting your period that your causing it not to come go toy our doctor for a blood test that will give you a more accurate result and if it shows that your not pregnant they can see why your period didn't come this month hope everything works out for you and i hope that you did use protection!

What if your period is 28 days late the you start your period but still have a signs of pregnancy with 3 faint positive hpts?

You're pregnant. Congratulations!

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