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If you have taken the pills every day for a month your chances of getting pregnant are slim, but if you think that you can take one pill and not get pregnant this isn't true. You have to take the pill everyday without fail for them to work. One missed pill does not a baby make, but only one pill a baby there will be.

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Q: Could it be possible not to get pregnant when 10 hours after the contact you use pills?
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Is it possible to have stomach cramps for over 15 hours and not be vomiting but it still be stomach flu?

Yes, it's possible but it could also be some other problem and you should contact your doctor if it persists.

Is it normal to have an unscheduled period if you delay changing the patch by 24 hours. Could you be pregnant if you had sex within those 24 hours?

You may have breakthrough bleeding if you don't use hormonal birth control as directed. You are unlikely to get pregnant from changing your patch one day late, but it's possible.

If you forgot to take your pill at its regular time but remembered to take it 8 hours later and then 4 hours after that you had sex but you used a condom could you be pregnant?

No you wont be pregnant.

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Well it could be that you are pregnant, so take a test. But you could just have had a short period

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Had your period two days and at first pregnancy test was negative then ten hours later positive could you be pregnant?

yes you could be pregnant,.. use another test after a few days, or seek a blood test from a doctor

Is it possible to get pregnant 4 days after ovulation?

Yes it is possible. If you are worried you might be pregnant for about $16 - $30 you can get the morning after pill from the chemist without prescription. The morning after pill can be taken 72 hours after unprotected sex. The morning after pill is not an abortion pill and will not do anything if you are already pregnant - it will prevent you becoming pregnant, the same way the pill would if you took that.

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