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You can deffinatly be pregnant. Ovulation normally occurs 14 days after the start of your period! Get a test!!! Yes, there is a good chance that you could be pregnant.

You have actually had sex during the time that you were likely to be ovulating, and the spotting occurred at a time which could indicate implantation spotting.

Get a pregnancy test! I got pregnant like this!! It can happen!

This is the prime time for getting pregnant! Most women with average length menstrual cycles (26-30 days) will ovulated sometime between Cycle day 12 and 16. (Cycle Day 1 is considered the first day of your period).

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Q: Could I be pregnant after having sexual relations two weeks after my period ended?
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If you get you period after having sexual realtion can you be pregnant?

Probably not.

When having sexual intercoures with your period can you still get pregnant?

It is possible for a woman to get pregnant during her period if she is not using a form of protection.

You have weird yellow smelly discharge from your vagina you haven't had your period yet and don't have a family doctor you have no sexual relations no itching and it becomes crusty after a while?

are there in possibilities of getting pregnant if you have sexual relations while you have your period?

You have irregular periods and your boyfriend put his penis into you whilst you were on your period is there any chance of you becoming pregnant?

You can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD That's the facts of life ... anytime you decide to have sexual relations, you can get pregnant.

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Can you get pergant while on your period?

Yes when having sexual intercourse you can still get pregnant so be careful

If your period doesn't come on can you be pregnant?

yes you could be if you have had sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex. but there are other reasons why you can have a late period. you should check with your doctor.its possible

Does Having Sexual Relations Make You A Woman?

um no

How did your parents get pregnant?

By having sexual intercourse.

Can a 9 year old get pregnant?

Yes, if she is having periods then she can get pregnant. Only can she get pregnant by having sexual activity with someone.

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Can a gal become pregnant during her period?

You bet she can. The girl can get pregnant: * anytime before her period * anytime during her period * anytime after her period * anytime ... PERIOD This has been proven time and time again within the medical community at large. It's quite simple about having sex ... and logical: Having Sexual Intercourse = Pregnancy.

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