Canopy in a sentence

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Can it be that she sat under the canopy enjoying a canape?

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i sat under my canopy, thinking 'this is a dumb question' canopy

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Q: Canopy in a sentence
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Sentence with the word canopy?

i have a canopy bed

Can you give me a good sentence about a canopy?

I rested in the shade of the canopy.

What is a sentence of canopy in its proper context?

The canopy is a place where animals dwell.

How do you form a sentence using canopy?

He put a canopy over his bike.

Use canopy in a sentence?

I looked closely and carefully at the beautiful rain forest canopy.

How can you use the word canopy in a sentence?

We fled under the canopy as the rain started to fall.

What is a sentence for the word twisting?

The canopy is twisting!

What is a good sentence with the word canopy in it?

The rain forest canopy was very dark as the girl walked through it.

What is a singular possessive of a canopy?


What is a good sentence for canopy?

What is good sentence with sentenced in it ? The prisoner was sentenced death because of all the murders he did. Now tell a good sentence with stupid in it without insulting anyone.

What part of speech is the word canopy?

Canopy is a noun (a canopy) and a verb (to canopy).

What figure of speech is the following sentence the tree was a tent canopy overhead?

METAPHOR on apex just got it right.