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Most likely no, as she is53 years old, and has not had a single period for two years. So she may not get pregnant.

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Q: Can your wife get pregnant after menopause she is 53 years old and hasn't had a period in two years?
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Is it hard for a woman who is going through menopause to get pregnant?

it is impossible 99% of the time! Menopause means you cease to have periods so if you haven't had periods for 2 years or more then no, you can't get pregnant. BEWARE as you start into menopause because you can get the odd period at the beginning of your menopause. You may skip even up to a year and then have a period.

Tubes tied and burnt for 22 years missed period age 50 am i pregnant?

Menopause more likely.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period for 3 years?

Yes. You may still perhaps get pregnant unless you are at the age of 54 and over; then it is most likely you are past menopause, so you won't be able to get pregnant anymore.

Could you be pregnant if you're 43 and had a tubal ligation 16 years ago but have not had your period for approximately 4 and a half months?

It is very likely menopause

Will you become pregnant after menopause with out protection?

If it is several years after menopause, pregnancy is unlikely. However, if you are still going through menopause, taking precautions would be wise.

Can you get pregnant after being in menopause for 12 years?

That would be all but impossible

Can you get pregnant after taking pills for 15 years?

If you haven't reached menopause - sure.

How do you test for pregnancy without having a period for years?

You don't test for pregnancy. IF you had been pregnant a baby would have been born in 9 months. Sounds like you are in menopause.

If you have not had your period for 10 months is that considered menopause?

Here you must also see your age, if it is say 48 years of age and you have not had your period for ten long months , thenit is considered menopause.

What is the purpose of thickening the lining of the womb?

During the years between your first period and before menopause, the lining of the womb (endometrium) thickens monthly in preparation for potential pregnancy and is discharged as "period" if the woman doesn't become pregnant.

You want to become pregnant is it possible after menopause you are 54 years old?

With hormones and an egg donor.

You have had your tubes tied for 9 years but have not had a period this month this mean you are pregnant?

The best way to tell if you are pregnant is to get a pregnancy test. The chances are slim considering you have had a tubal ligation, but not impossible. Also, depending on your age, you could be beginning menopause. Good luck!:(