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Yes your teeth can become sensitive before or during your period. I personally suffer every month for two days before my period starts. Nothing helps it to my knowledge. This includes Tylenol, specially formulated toothpaste for sensitive teeth (even after the recommended month of continuous use for it to take effect), heating pads, anything containing cloves or calcium. The sensitivity is worse at night when laying flat. At this time, I have spoken with 3 dentist and not one offered any advice on how to stop the pain or why it was happening. Good luck.

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Q: Can your teeth be sensitive before a period?
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What toothpaste is recommended for sensitive teeth?

This site talks about sensitive teeth:

Why do teeth become so sensitive?

enamel has come off and dentin is almost showing.. usually happens after whitening, where you loose your overcoat of enamel and you r teeth become really sensitive.

Can you give me a sentence using sensitive?

She suffered from sensitive teeth.

Why are your teeth so sensitive?

There are nerves in your teeth that can be sensitive to temperature or pressure. There are toothpastes available that help to strengthen the outer coating of the teeth to reduce this sensitivity.

How do you not get sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth prevention:Proper oral careUse a toothpaste designed to help with sensitive teethUse a soft-bristle toothbrush, and brush gently but thoroughlyAvoid teeth grindingRegular dental check up

Can you use this on teeth that are sensitive?

It's great for people with sensitive teeth. My friend uses this brand actually for that very reason.

Does soda dissolve teeth?

it stains them and makes your teeth super sensitive

How do you brush sensitive teeth?

The same way as brushing normal teeth but softer

Does oil of oregano make your teeth sensitive?


How long will the teeth be sensitive after wisdom teeth extraction?

it's depend on you. If you have healthy will do better in a week.

Do griding teeth make your teeth worn?

yes it will eventually break off the enamel on your teeth making them sensitive

How do you cure sensitive teeth?

if you use sensitive teeth toothpaste i find that helps, otherwise use plastic spoons when eating cold things that also helps me!