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If you're using Mirena, the IUD that releases progestin, your period usually will stop, although you may have irregular spotting in the first weeks or months of use. If you're using the copper IUD, your periods will not stop. If your period has been regular since using the IUD, and then stopped, take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Can your period stop with an IUD?
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Does a copper IUD stop periods?

There is nothing in the IUD that will stop you from ovulating and having a menstrual period.

Do you have period when you have IUD?

If you have the copper IUD (Paragard in the US), you will get a period. If you have the Mirena IUD, containing progestin, your period will likely stop after a few months of irregular bleeding.

Does your period stop if you have the IUD?

It can after about a year.. But everybody's bodies are different.

IUD Mirena and have a period is there a way to stop it wanting to go on vacation period falls on that week can you take birth control the same week with the IUD?

yes, taking combined hormonal contraceptives could allow you to stop bleeding with mirena.

Can you get an IUD check during your period?

Yes, you can get an IUD check during your period.

Can an IUD be removed if a woman no longer has a period because of the IUD?

you can get the IUD removed when ever you want it pervents you from getting your period

Is the IUD used to stop your period?

It helps to lighten the periods or even to stop them, it could stop all together or you can skip a month or two at a time.

Can you have a period with the IUD?

While the copper IUD does not normally stop periods, a woman may miss a period for a number of reasons. Pregnancy and stress are common ones. Consider a pregnancy test if you're having other symptoms.

I have had the marina IUD in for about a year now but for some reason your nipples have been very sensative lately and you havent had a period for this month is this normal?

The Mirena IUD causes most people to stop having a period, so yes, this is normal.

I have not had a period while on the IUD. Can i still be spotting though?

Yes, you can have spotting without a period while using an IUD.

Is the blood that comes after taking the IUD out considered your period?

There can be a small amount of spotting when the IUD is removed, but that's not a period.

Can the IUD be removed if you don't have your period?

Yes, you can have the IUD removed at any time.