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no . not really . it just means ur really relaxed. don't worry about a thing

No, I'm pretty sure THC actually hightens your heart rate.

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Q: Can your heart beat slow down due to THC?
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How do you beat THC?

cigarette filters remove the THC.

How does THC break down in the body?

how does THC break down in the body

What is the mid alteritng ingredient in weed?

Delta-9 THC (Tetrahydocannibinol). It alters the receptors in your brain to basically slow down the nerve impulses, which you feel as "high".

Using beet juice to beat THC urinalysis?


Why does your heart beat fast when you smoke weed?

I don't know exactly why, however weed can increase your heart rate by as much as 50bpm. Usually a safe estimate is 50% of your normal resting heart rate. It all depends on how much THC you intake in a given period of time.

Can you smoke weed after giving blood?

Yes you can. THC-(Tetrahydrocannibinol) does not affect your blood *AS LONG AS* you are not under the influence at the very time of your donation. THC gets stored in your fat and leaves your blood when you come down.

Stent put in your heart Will smoking Marijuana cause you any problem?

i have 3 stents in heart arteries i have been smoking Marijuana for 3 years now and the only problem i have had is anxiety from smoking to much of a high THC content strain. I have also notice some strains will make me have a fast heart beat which is nothing to worry about because Marijuana does that. what i do is i right down the strain that sets me over the edge and dont touch it again.

If THC stores in fat if you burn fat will you burn THC?

NO you will release THC into your blood stream. THC can only exit the body by being broken down by enzymes in the liver via oxidation and metabolization.

An outline of marijuana and its effects on the body?

After inhaling, your heart will beat faster, blood vessels in your eyes will expand making them look red, and as THC enters the brain it will give you a euphoric feeling (or high). See related link...

How do you beat a blow test for THC?

The only way is not to smoke it. THC stays in the hair and fat cells of the body. Just don't use and you will pass any test.

What chemicals break down THC?

none known

How do you come down from THC high?

Go to sleep!!! MUNCH OUT!!!