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If you are in the last trimester in your pregnancy and still having your menstrual cycle, then yes. Otherwise, that is not normal & you should go see a doctor.

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Q: Can your breasts leak when your period is due?
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Are sore breasts before period is due is it too early for a pregnancy test?

Sore breasts before period is normal. If you miss your period, take a test

Will your breasts leak in the beginning of pregnancy?

No, breasts leak in the latter part of pregnancy.

When a woman's breasts leak does it mean she is pregnant?

No. One of the most common reasons that breasts leak is because the woman just had a baby. If the breasts are not expressed regularly while a woman is lactating, they will get sore and they will leak. If the breasts leak at any other time, it could be a medical symptom.

Can your breasts leak if not pregnant?


If your breasts normally hurt from ovulation to your period now period is due in 3 days and it doesn't hurt is that a sign of pregnancy?

Impossible to say.

Is it normal for your breasts to leak during pregnancy?


Are painful breasts with white bumps on the nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it can be, but you can also get these sypmtoms when your period is due or you ovulate!

Do you have to have breasts to get your period?

Typically, your breasts start to develop about 2 years before your period begins.

Will milk leak while the man is fonding her breasts after pregnancy?

Yes there are chances of milk leaking when the breasts are fondled.

Do you start your period before you grow your breasts?

No you get breasts first

Could you be pregnant if your breasts are sore 2 weeks before your period is due?

you can always be pregnant,if you are fertile and having sex. your breasts may be tender due to water retention, cysts or an unfitted bra. if the symptoms continue, and concern you PLEASE see your doctor.

What are lumps under your breasts that leak?

i think you need to go to a doctor