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No, they are both Class I Badges; you are only authorized to wear one (1) Class I badge at a time, IAW ALARACT Messages published by HQDA.

Individuals who have earned both the EIB and the CAB currently have the option to wear either the CAB or the EIB, but not both. Individuals who have earned both the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) and the CAB are authorized to wear both badges.

While this is not spelled out in the current (2005) version of AR 670-1, it has been delineated in several ALARACT Messages related to the approval of the CAB. Hopefully HQDA will correct this error prior to publishing the next version of AR 670-1.

Contrary to public opinion, when a Soldier has earned multiple badges in the same category, it is up to the Soldier to decide which award to wear.

However if a Soldier has earned both the EIB and the CIB then the following applies:

Combat badges have precedence over special skill badges within the

same group. For example, if an individual is authorized to wear the Combat Infantry badge and the Expert Infantry

badge, the Combat Infantry badge is worn. (ref AR 670-1 ch. 29-17 p. 297)

*side note*

As infantry are not authorized to wear the CAB, they cannot wear it. The infantry have the Combat Infantry Badge which is their much older award. The CAB was designated to identify soldiers in non-infantry MOS' who have seen combat. The exception would be a soldier who re-classed to or from infantry and was then subsequently awarded the CAB. In that situation the above posters answer is correct.

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Q: Can you wear the Expert Infantry Badge and the Combat Action Badge together?
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If you' re not infantry can you earn the expert infantry badge?

No, you cannot. You have to be classed as infantry to earn the EIB..................................................Another Answer:EIB is the Expert Infantryman Badge that was given to almost everyone in basic that passed the course. It did not matter what job you had.The CIB Combat Infantryman Badge was given to those that were in combat infantry situations. You did not have to be in the infantry to receive either award.

Can you wear the Expert Infantry Badge and the Combat Infantry Badge together?

No. Army Regulation 670-1 forbids it. They are in the same class of awards.

If you are not an expert marksman can you still wear the badge cause you have an cib?

The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is awarded to infantry personnel who have actively engaged in ground combat. It does not require expertise in marksmanship. Therefore, if you meet the qualification criteria for the CIB as an infantry soldier, you can wear the badge regardless of your marksmanship skills.

Can you wear your Expert Infantry Badge after you leave the Infantry?


If you switch from active to reserve Army can you still wear Expert Infantry Badge?

Yes, if you switch from active to reserve Army, you can still wear your Expert Infantry Badge as long as you meet the qualification criteria. The Expert Infantry Badge is a mark of distinction earned by infantry soldiers who demonstrate exceptional proficiency in their field, regardless of active or reserve status.

How do you wear the expert infantry badge worn with airborn wings?

You wear the Expert Infantry Badge above the Airborne Wings on all Army uniforms. The Expert Infantry Badge is Skill level 1. Airborne Wings are level 4.

Where do you wear the combat action badge on the Army combat uniform?

According to the current AR 670-1, (Feb 3rd, 2005 w/ Summary of Change) on pg 298, you wear the CAB, (Combat Action Badge) 1/4 inch above your ribbons, centered, or if the lapel covers your badge, you wear the CAB so the left edge is aligned to the left edge of the ribbons.

Can an army medic wear the combat action badge?

Yes. Unlike the Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Infantryman Badge, and Combat Action Badge - which are Group I awards - the Combat Medic and Expert Field Medic Badges are Group II awards. The CAB was intended for personnel who are not eligible for the Combat Infantryman Badge. Contrary to what was previously stated, not everyone who serves in an Infantry unit is eligible for a CIB. A Combat Medic in an Infantry unit does not get awarded a CIB, for example. If that unit has dedicated communications personnel assigned to the unit, they're not eligible for the CIB (however, someone with an 11B MOS who is serving as a radiotelephone operator is eligible for a CIB). One interesting contrast with the CAB vs. the CIB and CMB is that the CAB is awarded - at least in theory - only to those who make direct contact with the enemy, whereas the only requirements for the CIB and CMB is that you spend 30 days in a zone for which the award is authorised, whether you make contact or not. Truth of the matter is, there are plenty of CAB recipients who have legitimately earned it - there's also a good number of fobbits who've received them because some mortars landed on the opposite side of the camp they were at. By the way, the Combat Medic badge is no longer exclusive to line medics - from 2001 to 2004, the Army revamped it's MOS classification system. The MOS of 91B (Combat Medic) was removed, and was folded into the MOS of 68W (Healthcare Specialist) - which encompasses a much broader range than the old 91B MOS did. Thus, you have medics being awarded CMBs who've never so much as left the FOB.

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What is the US Army's expert infantry medal?

The US Army's Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) is a special skill badge awarded to infantrymen for high levels of proficiency in their job. To earn the EIB, soldiers must pass a series of rigorous tests that assess their physical fitness, combat tasks, and knowledge of infantry tactics. It is a prestigious award that signifies a soldier's expertise and dedication to the infantry profession.

Why is EIB important to an Infantryman?

The EIB (Expert Infantryman Badge) is important to an infantryman as it recognizes their proficiency and expertise in various infantry-related skills. It enhances their credibility and demonstrates their capabilities in combat-related tasks, enhancing their professional development and career advancement opportunities within the infantry. Additionally, it fosters a sense of pride, accomplishment, and camaraderie among infantrymen.