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Q: Can you video chat with omegle on iPod touch?
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Can the iPod touch 4generation do video chat on Skype?

With the free Skype app installed the iPod touch can do video chat on Skype. (See links below)

Can your touch 4g video chat with a mac video chat?

You can use FaceTime on a Mac to chat with an iPod Touch (See links below).

Can my touch 4g video chat with iphone 4?

The ipod touch 4g can video chat with an iphone 4 if you have a WiFi connection.

Can you have a video chat on an iPod touch?

No, not like video chat on your email. But of you have the iPod Touch 4th generation you can use FaceTime, which is pretty much video chatting but the other person must have an iPhone 4, the 4th gen iPod touch, or a newer Mac with the FaceTime application.

Can you use the new ipod to video chat with people on macs?

The iPod Touch can use FaceTime (See links below) to video chat with people on Macs.

What are some video chat apps that you can do from iPod touch 4g to a laptop?


Can a ipod touch 4th gen video chat with an iphone 4?

Yes it can.

What will the new ipod touch have?

the new ipod touch has a camera on both sides so you can video chat with friends and see yourself in the bottom corner

How do you video chat on omegle with iPad 2?

Unless you find a Application that dose that on the App Store, You cant.

Can you video chat with the apple ipod touch 2nd generation?

No because there isnt a camera on it!which really sucks:(:(

Is there a video camera app for the iPod touch?

No, there is not a video camera app. The iPod Touch does not have a video camera, so it would not be useful on an iPod Touch.

Do iPod touch 3g has a camera?

The iPod Touch 3rd generation does not have a camera installed in it. There has been much thought put into this idea, but it is not known whether this idea will be implemented in the iPod Touch line or not. NOTICE: The iPod 4g the newest one now has a camera you can get facetime which is where you can video chat...