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If a spouse is applying as a single account holder but using both spouse's income, the incomes will be verified. Whether each credit history will be checked is at the discretion of the lender,in most cases it will be. What effect this may have on the financial transaction is uncertain.

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If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: Can you use your spouse's income as a second income without using your spouse's credit?
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What percentage is used to calculate child support on spouses income?

In California, 20% of a second spouse or S/O income cane be used.

Is 40000 a year a good income when living in California?

Not without a second income!

How do you get a second life account without a credit card?

A basic Second Life account does not require any credit card details or payment information. Premium membership does however incur a monthly charge.

How much bad credit are you allowed to have to file bankruptcy?

It is more complicated than just having bad credit. When applying to file for bankruptcy, the court using a calculation that compares the amount of debt owed with your current (or foreseeable future) income. So it is the debt rather than the bad credit that allows you to file for bankruptcy. More specifically, your income will be calculated with exemptions such as rent and food to determine whether you can afford to pay 25 percent of your unsecured debt such as your credit card bills. Second, your income will be compared to your state's median (middle) income.

If you have a credit card can you get one for someone as a second card holder who has no credit and cannot get any and will that help their credit?

no-- they are just a second card holder (user). you can add someone without their signature-- therefore the place has no information on them so how could it help them. And beware --- they may not pay it back.

Can you get a second mortgage after filing bankruptcy?

Yes, as long as the bankruptcy has been discharged, your credit score is 580+, and you earn enough income to support the additional loan.

How can you join second life without mobile or credit card?

A Second Life account can be created by entering a valid email address, date of birth, password and security question. It is not a requirement to enter a mobile number or credit card number.

Does a second credit card holder receive a credit card?

Yes, a second credit card holder has his/her credit card also but of course, they are just under the primary card holder.

What is Honolulu's second source of income?


How would one earn a second income?

A second income can be earned by acquiring a second job. You will need to ensure that the hours of work do not conflict with your current job and that you will be paying the correct levels of tax after you take the second job.

In the state of Florida if the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

No Almost never. In a couple of states, there are some minor loopholes that revolve around cases where there is an open arreage or a recent reduction of support because of a new lower paying job, but in the US at least, a second spouses income does not generally affect your support amount.

Do you pay child support on second income?


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