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We would think so, as many people who smoke take Neurontin, but we are not doctors.

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Q: Can you use the nicotine patch and neurontin?
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If you use the patch and take the pill can you still get prego?

If the patch is not the nicotine patch and the pill is not aspirin, no.

Is it safe to use the nicotine patch and continue using Lexapro?

Yes, it is safe to use the nicotine patch and Lexapro at the same time. There are no drug-drug interactions between the two medications and there are no disease states that call for the use of nicotine patch or Lexapro that would interfere in either of the medications efficacy.

Which nicotine patch lasts the longest?

The intake of "Nicotine patch " depends upon the intensity of smoking habit we have. Basings on the quantity of cigars person smokes, the dose of nicotine patch depends. So, there is no nicotine patch that ever lasts

Can you use the nicotine patch after you take your wisdom teeth?

Yes, it is recommend

Nicotine Patches Are Safe?

The nicotine patch is possibly not safe for long-term use, but it is safe and approved for short-term use. The nicotine patch has far less risks than smoking, but it is not entirely risk free. The nicotine patch is a known carcinogen, and its probability of causing cancer might be greater than was first though. Nicotine also puts stress on the heart and raises blood pressure. Nicotine can do a lot of damage, even if it is not in the form of a cigarette.

Why does a nicotine patch help?

A part of the addiction pattern of tobacco is the fact that your body adapts to having nicotine on board. A nicotine patch can relieve that part of the craving.

Where i can find nicotine patch?

One can find a nicotine patch at local department stores such as Walmart or Target, or even local drug stores. One may also be able to find a nicotine patch online.

Can you put a nicotine patch on your wrist?


Will the nicotine in the patch cause you to test dirty for tobacco with a urine test?

No, nicotine in the patch will cause you to test positive for nicotene... that's about it

When to start smoking again after removing the nicotine patch?

If you have been wearing a nicotine patch . . . why would you want to go back to smoking?!

Do you sleep with the nicotine patch on?

If it specifically says a 16 hour nicotine patch then no, you take it off when you sleep. If it doesnt then you where it for the full 24 hours.

Is taking Adderall and a nicotine patch safe?