Can you use crack in a vaporizer?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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no, you need a direct flame to the crack

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Archie Gurley Jr

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No, you don't need direct flame to smoke crack cocaine. You can use a vaporizer, although the effects aren't going to be as potent as it will when smoked using direct flame.
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sam longpeter420

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yes u can

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Q: Can you use crack in a vaporizer?
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What fuel does the Iolite Vaporizer use?

It makes use of butane gas. Make sure that you use only branded fuel in your Iolite Vaporizer as you want it to last a long time.

Can you use a light bulb vaporizer to smoke heroin?


Can you use a glass cup for a vaporizer?

Only if it is Pyrex glass.

What do you use in a vaporizer?

Many plants have medicinal and mood altering qualities and can be used in a vaporizer. The herbs that one chooses would depend on the outcome they are seeking.

How does a vaporizer get you high?

Depends on what you are smoking in the Vaporizer. But generally, yes.

What is the safest way to consume THC?

use a vaporizer or boil it and drink weed tea

Do you use hot or cold water when you put it in the vaporizer?

Well, the word vaporizer has the word vapor in it and vapor is like water vapor and in order to create water vapor you have to use heat to make it evaporate into water vapor so I suggest you use hot water.

Can you use any kind of vaporizer to smoke marijuana Like if I have just a regular Vicks vaporizer how could I use that to get high?

That's not the type of vaporizer you use to smoke marijuana. I suggest you go to your local head shop and buy a "volcano" they are pretty expensive, but they get the job done. But if you seriously had to ask a question like that. I really don't think you need to be smoking any more marijuana in the first place. BTW how much weed did you waste before you figured out that the vaporizer would just make it an unsmokeable soggy mess?

Is there a medical use for crack?

There is no medical use for crack, no. There is a medical use for cocaine -- it is used as an anesthetic in eye surgeries -- but not crack.

Which is better vaporizer or humidifier?

Both a humidifier and vaporizer have their benefits. For example, a vaporizer is meant to help loosen congestion and clear a head cold. A humidifier is meant to add moisture into the air and help dry skin.

Which Vapir Digital Vaporizer is the Best?

The Vapir ONE Digital Vaporizer has a 3 speed fan, so it will make a little noise while in use. However, you can inhale from it directly as well as use the inflation kit to inflate vapor balloons you're your family or friends. The Vapir ONE Digital Vaporizer is a corded model only and will need to be plugged into a wall outlet at all times in order to use it. More Details:

Use expectorate in a sentence?

If you find it difficult to expectorate cough mucus, use a vaporizer to help soften it before trying to cough.