Can you use blank cds to hold pictures?

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Yes, you can copy various digital pictures onto a blank CD through the use of a CD writer. The files can then be accessed by any computer. If your pictures are not digital, they will need to be scanned first before they can be transferred.

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2011-09-12 14:39:31
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Q: Can you use blank cds to hold pictures?
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What types of blank cds are available?

There are only two types of blank CDs: CD-R and CD-RW. In the end, it does not matter which you use, but the drive you have on your computer that will determine what you can do with your blank CDs.

Why shops sell blank CD?

For data storage and transport. Data cds can be made in which you use the 700mb instead of 80 mins

How Come your Computer Cant Find Blank Cds?

If it doesn't recognize that you have a blank CD inserted, then your drive is either NOT a burner or it is damaged in some way. If you meant that you cant use the find command to find a blank CD, that's because it's blank. It's not looking for anything >.>

Can you use blank dvds to burn cds?

You can't try to burn a CD ISO or Audio tracks to a DVD and expect it to work as a CD-ROM or Audio CD.

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PS2 games are on DVDs on CDs, The Original Game DVD remains workable if there are no changes to it.

Which axxess blank do you use for an ilco kk5 blank?

iilco 1622 blank

I purchased blank compact discs in Germany or Japan why can't I use them on my compact disc player in the US?

it's because the cds are probably region coded, like on normal dvds they will have a region code.

How do you use duplicate cds for ps2?

No you can not use them. Duplicate CDs is just another way of saying a burnt discs instead of a purchased disc, besides the games on the PS2 are DVDs not CDs

What CD is used for copying pictures?

The same type you use for music. They hold any form of data.

When do you use instructional materials?

You use instructional materials when you teach something. Some examples of instructional materials might be books, worksheets, samples of items you are teaching about, pictures of things you are teaching about, CDs with music from places you are teaching about, audio CDs with samples of a language you are teaching, charts and graphs which give visual information about something you are teaching about.

What do CDs use to store data?


How do you rip a CD's to PlayStation 3?

Playstation 3 do not use CDs for games but can play other CDs

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