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You can use a visa card in most places these days. You can even pay people online through sites like PayPal, such as your babysitter, and friend, who normally wouldn't accept visa. There are few places that do not accept credit cards, but they are few and far between.

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Q: Can you use a visa card anywhere?
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Where can you use a Sears visa credit card?

Anywhere that accepts Visa cards !

Where can you use your wells fargo visa card?

Anywhere that accepts visa cards.

Can you use a Walmart visa gift card anywhere but Walmart?


Can you use a visa debit card?

If you've got one, you can use it anywhere you would use any other sort of debit card.

What other store can you use target debit card?

If it is a Visa or other standard named card, you can use it anywhere that takes debit cards.

Can a Target credit card be used at other stores?

The regular Target credit card can only be used in store and online. But, they also have a Target Visa Card that you can use anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Is the Barclay Card only available online?

Though it would seem that the Barclay card is intended for online use, you will be given an actual card that you will be able to use in stores that may not have access to the internet. As this is a Visa card it is usable anywhere Visa is accepted.

Can you use a visa gift card anywhere?

Visa gift cards can be used online and at any store that accepts cards with the Visa logo which is pretty much everywhere.

What can you buy with a Chase gift card?

A Chase gift card is actually a prepaid Visa gift card. The only difference is that it is sponsored by Chase credit card company. You can use this card anywhere that accepts Visa, even online and buy what you want.

Can a American eagle visa card be used anywhere?

yes it can

Can a 15 year old use a prepaid visa card?

at least 18 but it depends on what you want to buy. If you want to buy things in online games and upgrade your online game account you may want to use a prepaid card called Paysafecard. It works like a credit card but you don't have to be 18 to use it.

How can you get a loan put on your Account now Visa card?

You can add the money from the loan to your card anywhere that accepts the card.