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2013-09-14 16:48:12
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Q: Can you use a tongue ring to do an industrial piercing?
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If you use a tongue ring for your hip piercing is that bad?

Yes it's bad...........

What will happen if you have a tongue piercing and play basketball?

Nothing. You don't have to worry about biting the tongue ring if the barbell isn't too long for your mouth & if you don't use it to click your teeth.

Tongue piercing use?

Tongue + Barbell = Tongue Piercing Tongue piercing: a piercing in the center of the tongue located approximately 3/4" from the tip of the tongue through the connective tissue joining the two muscle groups that form the tongue. Used as a means of self expression or a personal statement, some times used to enhance sexual pleasure for either gender.

What to use to glue a piercing on your tongue?

There is no glue which you should use for a prolonged period of time in your mouth. If you want a tongue piercing; get one, otherwise leave the glue outside your body.

Is it better to use a gold when tongue piercing?

no. surgical steel.

What is the best jewelry to use for tongue piercing?

a noninfectous disease

Can hydrogen peroxide be used on tongue piercing?

No! not under any circumstances may you use it on a tongue peircing.

Can you use nail polish for a fake tongue piercing?

You shouldn't put nail polish on your tongue because it is poisonous.

When you get your tongue pirced do they have use the needle or can they just put the ring in?

Well the only way to put anything into a tongue is to use a needle to pierce the tongue first then put a barbell into the newly pierced hole. (Please quit calling it a tongue ring, it's a barbell and not a ring).

What do i use to rinse after tongue piercing?

use warm salt water.. swill it round... spit:)

What kind of glue can you use for a fake tongue piercing?

you use a non toxic nail glue

Is listerine safe to use for a tongue piercing i was told to use it by my piercer?

If he said it was good to use I guess it is. This was a professional piercing wasn't it? If it wasn't call a shop and ask them what to use.

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