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no you cant use stylus on iphone i did try it one time but it didnt work! the iphone only works with your fingerprints only! can use a Targus stylus on iPhones and iPads.

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Q: Can you use a stylus on the iPhone?
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What is a Poyo Stylus?

A Poyo Stylus is A Stylus for your Ipod touch or Iphone. You can use this Stylus instead of your finger. (Buy it at Amazon)

Does the iPhone comes with a stylus?

No, because you don't need one. The iPhone is designed to work by touching with your fingers.

How do you Make your own iPad stylus?

It's a little hard to explain, but go to and type in how to make an iPad/iPhone stylus, or go on YouTube and type that in.

How do use stylus in a sentence?

I use a stylus to draw and take notes on my tablet.

How can you make a stylus for Nintendo DS?

you can use your pen or your finger as a stylus.

Can you use stylus in a sentence?

The stylus broke when I pressed it on the iPad screen.

Do I need a stylus to use an iPad?

No, you do not need a stylus to use an iPad. On the contrary, a stylus will not function properly because the iPad screen responds to direct contact with skin.`

What stylus does a Yamaha tt-230 turntable use?

The stylus is E 430.

Where is the stylus on the tocco lite?

My mum has one and it doesn't have a stylus but its easy to use your fingers.

Where can you buy a lg stylus pen?

You can buy them three 4 a pound.. or if u have a Nintendo stylus.. u can use that.. u can use anything :)

Can you use a stylus with Samsung S5600?

no you can't

What would mesopotamiains use to write with?

a stylus