Can you use a phone as an ps2 memory card?

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2012-05-25 14:48:48

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No you can not

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2012-05-25 14:48:48
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Q: Can you use a phone as an ps2 memory card?
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Can I use my memory card for my PS2 on the PS3?

Yes, the memory card for the PS2 can indeed be used in the PS3 also.

Can i use your nokia 5233 as memory card for ps2?

no you must buy the PS2 memory cards

Can you use a usb hard drive as a memory card in ps2?

No you need the memory card

How can you use pen drive in ps2 against memory card?

You need the Sony Memory Card

Will a ps2 recognize a PS1 memory card?

I do believe that a PlayStation 2 will recognize a PlayStation 1 memory card. I use a ps1 memory card in my ps2 might it might vary from the different memory card brands.

Can you use a flash drive to save ps2 games?

No you need a PS2 memory card

Can you use ps1 memory cards on the ps2?

Yes, only for PSone games though. PS2 games require a 8MB (PS2) memory card.

Can you use a PS2 memory card on a PS1?

No, PS2 memory cards are keyed differently, and will not physically fit inside the PS machine.

Can you use a ps2 memory card with the PS3?

No because the PS3 does not accept it...

Can you use your pendrive as a memory card for ps2 and if you can then how?

No. Sorry. Maybe if you mode it.

Can you save songs on a phone without a memory card?

you can but if i were you i would use a sim card or a memory card because you break the phone the song is lost

Your phone shows memory card is in use by another application when connected to the computer?

That is probably because your computer has the access rights to the memory-card on the phone. If you check on "my computer" you might see your phone's memory card there..

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