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Yes you can i am currently in communication with someone through out telekinesis so i think you can

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Q: Can you talk with telekinesis
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How Girl telekinesis boy?

how telekinesis boys naked

What are Sara and Seth's powers in race to witch mountain?

Sarah can talk to animals and i think she has telekinesis and Seth can change the density of his body.

Can telekinesis move an object?

There is no evidence that objects can be moved by telekinesis.

When was Telekinesis - comics - created?

Telekinesis - comics - was created in 2007.

What is the name of superpower that you can move objects with your mind?

telekinesis my friend is your answer

Can every one develop telekinesis?

No one can develop telekinesis, so not everyone can develop telekinesis.

How do you use telekinesis on ps3 elder scrolls?

I believe that telekinesis is under the skill Illusion, so level that up a bit and look around for spells that are or are similar to telekinesis.

How do you do telekinesis's?

You can't.

Can humans be smart enough to know telekinesis?

That you can ask the question answers it. Of course humans can comprehend what telekinesis is.

Do Mario have telekinesis?


Who has done telekinesis?

you move me

How to say telekenisis in japanese?

Terekineshisu is the word for telekinesis in the Japanese language.