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The law requires you to be 16 to take your license test. So that means the soonest day you can take it is on your 16th birthday

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Q: Can you take your g1 before your birthday in Ontario?
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Best place to take Ontario G1 exit road test?

In Ontario

Can an Ontario G1 driver drive in the US?


What happens if i drive with g1 in Ontario i have insurance and if i drive alone what happens?

if they catch you, they can take away your license for 30 days.

Can I get a written permission to drive alone to and from work with a G1 in Ontario?


What happens if you fail g1 driving test in Ontario?

You rebook the test and take it again (you should probably use the wait time to study more though)

Are there any options for a free driver's test?

In Ontario there are free driving test questions for G1 drivers but that is only a written test. Ask a parent or friend to take you out driving and test you.

How old do you have to be go clubbing in Ontario?

You need to be atleast 18-21 in Ontario

What is the route for the G1 exit testing in Orillia?

G1 testing refers to drivers' licensing tests in Ontario, Canada. The exact route is not known to the public, and remains at the discretion of the test administrator.?æ

Where can you get your G1 during strike in Ontario?

Their is one place where you may write your G1 written exam. 777 bay st its in a mall at college park really easy to get to by subway if you get off at college and enter college park once inside follow the signs to 777 bay st and then find the service Ontario in that mall you may write your written G1 test although you can not conduct your G2 or G road tests

How many days you will get you license after passing g1 test?

In most places, including Ontario, Canada, you will receive your G2 license 8 months after passing the G1 test, provided you have completed the mandatory driver training course. However, if you are over the age of 19, you can take the G2 road test after 12 months of holding a G1 license.

Can a Ontario G1 Driver drive with someone other then a parent?

Yes... only if they have 4 years of driving experience and G class license

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