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Q: Can you take a stool sample while on your period?
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Can you get DNA from a stool sample?

Yes, there is DNA in "poop". During excretion, cells from the lining of the rectum tend to slough off and there is DNA in these cells. In addition, fecal matter has a large amount of bacteria in it. The bacteria of course have DNA as well.

Can implantation take place after your period?

If you had an actual period you wouldn't be able to carry the baby since your period is the shedding of your lining. answer yes you can i got mine 11 days after that person at the top doesn't know what she's talking about. you can have a period while pregnant so ignore that other answer its all wrong

What is the explanation for tenfold dilution technique?

In ten fold dilution we add one part of the sample into the nine part of the diluent e.g. water. It will make it ten fold dilute. If we have series of tubes to dilute then after making the ten fold dilution in first tube, take the dilute sample from the first tube in same quantity as we added sample in first tube and add it to 2nd one. then then take the same quantity from 2nd one and add to third one and so on......... from the last tube we take the adjusted quantity of dilute sample and discard it. This will make the series of ten fold dilution. If you add one part substance to 10 parts of water, you get an 11-fold dilution.

How long does it take to have a discharge go away?

it wont until you get ur period

How do you know if your egg did not implant?

when your period comes on when its suppose to then you know it didnt take..

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Why your dog its not eathing?

You need to take your dog in to see a Veterinarian to be checked out. Take in a stool sample too.

How do you get a stool sample from your kitten for the vet?

Wait for the cat to poo and then put it in a bag and take it to the vet.

Does your bearded dragon have worms?

Only way to find out - is to take a stool sample to a vet and have it analysed.

Blood in cat's stool?

The most common thing for finding blood in a cats stool is worms. Take a fresh stool sample to the vet to determine the type of worm if any to determine the appropriate treatment.

Can you get worms from your puppies?

It is not common but yes you can. It is best to keep your puppy dewormed on a regular basis. Take a stool sample in to your Veterinarian and have it checked for parasite eggs. Not all eggs will show up, such as the tapeworm eggs which are enclosed in cysts. Sometimes in the feces you will see little white things that look like grains of rice, that would be tapeworm eggs. When you gather your stool sample to take in, take it from over a 2 day period

Could your dogs bleeding stool be a symptom of a tick bite?

No, blood in a dogs stool can mean any number of things from mild to serious. Take your dog to the vet along with a stool sample if possible.

What could you do to relieve your dog from bloody watery stool?

I cannot stress how important it is to get your dog to the vet immediately after seeing the stool. Take a sample with you, so it can be tested for bacterial infections.

What is the difference between grab and composite samples?

A composite sample is taken over a period of time, while a grab sample is a snap shot of what is in your well at the time you take the sample. Homeowner samples are generally grab samples.

What is a black thread like substance in stool?

Have you been eating bananas lately? The center of the banana can cause this to happen sometimes. If you think you have a parasite take a stool sample and give it to your doctor.

How long will it take before a human stool sample is spoiled?

never,2 years, 3 months, 1 day, WHO KNOWS?

What is a black thread-like substance in stool?

Have you been eating bananas lately? The center of the banana can cause this to happen sometimes. If you think you have a parasite take a stool sample and give it to your doctor.

How do you keep a dog's stool specimen for testing for worms?

Most vets will just take a sample while in the office by just scraping your dog's bum, but if your vet wants an entire sample, I would just collect it in a plastic bag and bring it in. I would recommend you bring it in within an hour or so to ensure it is fresh enough for testing.