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Answer I'm not completely sure if you can sue your wife for cheating, but perhaps under extreme emotional stress you could sue her, better if you contact a lawyer.

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Q: Can you sue your wife for cheating?
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Email your answer to Can you sue your wife for cheating on you?

u can but u will lose a lot of cash

Is Bill Clinton cheating on his wife?

No, he is not cheating on his wife.

Can you sue your spouse for cheating in Texas?

Yes, its called sue for divorce!

Can you sue a spouse for cheating in Michigan?

Sue for divorce, yes. Sue the other party for alienation of affection.

How do you prove a cheating wife an unfit mother?

A cheating wife is not necessarily an unfit mother, unless she is not looking after the children properly and that fact isn't only the purview of a cheating wife.

Can you sue your wife or husband?


Can you sue if your wife cheats in CA?

I live in California and I never heard some cases about a spouse suing the spouse because of affair or cheating. The only way a spouse might get in trouble is when and if his having an affair and not supporting his children under age. But for a wife getting in trouble because of her cheating, it will be hard.

Can you sue your wife and your wife's adulterous partner for adultery?

You can sue your wife for divorce, but I believe you can sue her 'partner' for 'Alienation of Affection'. Contact a lawyer. If you can prove that she left you for this 'partner' you might be successful.

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The cast of Cheating His Wife - 1917 includes: Emma Ray

Can a husband sue a wife for embezzlement?

A husband cannot sue his wife for embezzlement of their joint property. He also can't sue her if she embezzled from someone else.

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