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if u stretch ur ear right after peircing it u can ruin ur ear trust me my friend did it i suggest u wait until its fully healed and then stretch it but only strect it one or 2 sizes up don't do too much too soon

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Q: Can you stretch ear straight after peicing?
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How does one use ear stretchers?

First you must have a pierced ear that is a few months old. Then you use an taper or stretch to slowly stretch the hole. You need to do it very slowly over time in order to properly stretch your ear.

What ear do you pierce if you're straight?

the left ear.

Which side of the top ear do you get pierced if your straight and a girl?

contrary to popular misbelief there is no gay straight side to ear cartilage or ear lobe piercing.

Why do Africans stretch their ear lobes?

Coz for some its a tradition

Is it possible to stretch your ear to 10mm in 6months If you're only starting?

It is possible to stretch your ear to 10mm in 6 months even if you're only starting. Be sure to stretch it gradually and carefully and stop if an infection or persistent pain results.

What is the record for ear streching?

A man named Bear has the record for ear stretching. He has a 5.5 inch stretch to his earlobes.

How do you make your back straight?

stretch and do wall angels

What ear do men get there ear piced?

If a man's orientation is gay, he pierces his right ear, if his orientation is straight, he pierces his left ear.

Is it okay to stretch your ear from a 5 mm to an 8 mm?

no i hope nobody did that

Where can you get your ear periced?

Lot's of places some Walmarts' do and Claires does

Why do boys get a peicing on the left ear?

Because they are to chicken to get both of them done. Bottom line the whole left right ear thing means nothing, many men are sporting both ears pierced and it means nothing other than a style statement. Left ear piercing was meant to indicate they were not gay or are gay or they are just trying to be hard core, but it means nothing other than being a pierced ear.

Can you get your ear pierced with a 10g stretch and not get it stretched any further?

Yep, you can get it pierced with a 10ga needle. Its totally up to you whether or not you stretch a piercing so you don't have to stretch it if you dont want to.