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Timing of your period can be altered using Birth Control pills. Speak to your gynecologist, who can advise you on it.

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Q: Can you stop your period for a few days?
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Does your discharge stop before you get your period?

It can stop a few days before. (or at least it does for me)

Can you stop your periods temporarily?

Yes. If you are not on birth control and plan on going away, ask your doctor for a pack of pills.. if you know you gonna get your period, take the pills few days before it will stop it... when you leave your vacation, stop... and few days your period will come.

How do you stop your period in order to do sexual stuff with guys?

You can't.... keep it in your pants for a few days.

What happens when you have a you're period and the next day you're not on it?

Generally, it means you are done. If you had sex the sex will stop a period for a few hours or if you have been sick it may stop/slow it for a few days, but for the most part it means you have had your period.

Will my period stop on the 8th day I am freakin out my friend only lasted 7 days and I want it to stop today?

You period can last a few days or over a week and varies woman to woman. Do not worry about your period lasting 8 days if your friends only lasted 7.

How soon after you stop taking depo provera will your period start?

Normally with in a few weeks. sometimes days

Is it normal to wipe brown few days after period has ended?

Yes, it's completely normal to have brown discharge for a few days after your period has ended. Your period doesn't just suddenly stop, it can take a little while for the last of the blood to leave your body.

How do you stop a mentrual period?

you can't really stop a menstrual period, unless you get pregnant, it would stop your period for 9 months (39-42 weeks). to make your period a bit lighter, you can take birth control pills, but that's another explination also. it can make your period lighter and make it last for only a few days (2-3 days instead of average days, which is 4-8 days) but oter than that, you cannot stop your period, it's a natural phase, you have to go throught it once a month, it isn't that bad.

Can you stop your period for 3 days?

no you cant stop your period for free days put if ypu want yppur period to go away then eat bannas

When You stop the patch a few days after you put it on will you get your period again?

If you stop the birth control patch within days, you may get bleeding again. Contact your health care provider to find an effective method to prevent pregnancy.

How do you stop pregenancy if period is stop 20 days before?

Don't think you can

Can oxycodone delay period?

Yes it can. I was prescribed Oxycodone after surgery and my period was 4 days late. I remember reading that it stays in your system for about 48 hrs or so. After you stop taking it, you should be ok in a few days. Hope that helps.

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