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Yes, you will still have your period if you don't take the sugar pills. The pills have no effect on your cycle. They are like a place holder to keep you in the habbit of taking your pills at the same time every day.

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Q: Can you still have your period if you do not take the sugar pills?
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If you finish your active pills on a Saturday and do not take the first sugar pill on Sunday and start the new pack on Monday will you still skip your period?

Yes you will. I use to play around with the start and stop days when I was on the pill. You may have some spotting. Just make sure you don't miss pills and that you stay on them.

What happens if you take one sugar pill of your birth control and skip the rest and still have a light period?

As long as you start your next packet on or before the date you were scheduled to start, skipping the sugar pills does not change the effectiveness of using the pill. You may be asking about starting the next pack early. You can do so, but the timing and amount of bleeding you have is a bit unpredictable. This may be the situation about which you're asking. Lastly, if it's your first pack of birth control pills, you may have choice noticed that hormonal birth control like the pill can make your period lighter than it was without the pill.

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While on Birth control do you take the white pills while you have your period?

Yes, you should always continue to take your birth control unless your physician tells you to stop. Stopping your birth control and having unprotected sex will make you become pregnant. If you are experiencing any bleeding before the expected date or time of your period, you are most likely experiencing spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is bleeding that is not considered a period, it is however a side effect from birth control that can last up to 3 months when you first begin birth control.

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If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?

Hi, No never skip to sugar pills when this happens or it will throw your cycle off completely. Continue to take the pills as prescribed. So take the active pills and then the sugar pills when it is time.

While on birth control pills do you usually start your period by the time you take the sugar pills?

You start your period when on the sugar pills. Your period should start within three days of your first sugar pill - the exact time will differ from woman to woman.

What do I do if when I come to the sugar pills in my birth control I don't have my period Do I still take the sugar pill or take a normal hormonal pill?

Take the inactive (sugar) pills, then start your next packet on time. Some pills, for some women will stop your period from ever coming, as long as you are taking the pill. You can use a HPT once your period is a week late, if it is negative it is safe to assume you are not pregnant and your periods have stopped from taking BCP. If you have any questions call you prescribing doctor or clinic.

Are you suppose to take the sugar pills in Yaz birth control?

yes you are they are for the week you are on your period.

Does taking birth control pills stop you from getting your period?

it depends,if your on the 28 pack and take ur sugar pills, it wont stop you from getting ur period.if u wanna miss ur period dont take the sugar pills and continue right away wit the new pack of pills

If you are on the green pills and you are done your period are you still protected if you have sex while on the green pills?

okay well if the green pills are the ones you take during your period then no, you see the ones you take during your period are empty.

What if you missed a white pill in a 28 pack of birth control pills?

Nothing, they are just sugar pills. You still need to take them though. It makes you remember to take your birth control. Nothing, they are just sugar pills. You still need to take them though. It makes you remember to take your birth control.

How do you skip your period on ortho tri-cyclen?

After taking your three weeks of active pills, just skip the sugar pills in the last row and go directly into a new pack. You take 6 rows of active pills (all the active pills from 2 packs) and skip the period you would have gotten on the sugar pills

Do periods stop even if you're on birth control pills?

With the traditional birth control pill you take a cycle of pills every day for 21 days and then 7 days of sugar pills. In the 7 days of the sugar pills you have a period. Today, there are pills that skip the 7 days of pills and you stay on pills for 3 months and then after the cycle of 3 months you have a period. In both cases after the period you start a new cycle of pills.

If you forgot to take 3 pills and started your period then a week later spotted how long does it take for your next period to come?

Hiya! Your next period will come when you start your sugar pills. If it is late again do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy .

Are the white pills taken when you have your periods?

no, take it before and you won't have your period the first three rows of pills have hormones in them that will regulate your period..the last row is actually only sugar pills and you are supposed to have your period on those pills. However, you can get pregnant on the pill if not taken exactly how you are supposed to.

Is it safe to stop birth control when period exist?

You are suppose to be off of the pill while you have your period. The pills you take during your period are only sugar and do nothing.