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It is a very rare circumstance. If you have your period, you are not pregnant.

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Q: Can you still have your mentral cycle while being pregnant?
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How do you still have a mentral cycle after your tubes are tied?

Tubal ligation just keeps the egg from reaching the uterus. It does not change the hormones secreted by the ovaries, so menstruation proceeds as normal.

Can you still have a cycle and be pregnant?

Yes, but it is very uncommon.

Can you still ovulate even though you do not have your menstrual cycle?

YES you can still ovulate without a menstrual cycle. Also you can still get pregnant without a period.

Can you still get pregnant before a cycle?

You usually ONLY get pregnant before a cycle. If you are having a cycle, then you are not pregnant, so your body is getting rid of the material that it built up over the past month getting you ready for pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant after being on the pill for only 2 days?

My understanding is that YES you can still get pregnant if you have only been "on the pill" for two days. From what I can gather, oral contraceptives are most effective after being in consistent use through the first cycle. This gives the contraceptive time to manage a woman's cycle, and prevent conception.

Can a 47 year old woman get pregnant having intercourse on the 19th date of a 30 day cycle?

If she is still having a regualr cycle then she could still become pregnant, although it can be more difficult.

If you are a teen and never had a menstrual cycle can you still get pregnant?

Yes, before you get your period for the first time you ovulate so then you can get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant at 47?

Yes, what makes you think a women at 47 or older cannot get pregnant? If a women still has her monthlly menstrual cycle, then she can get pregnant..but sometimes there are complications at birth.

What is the probability of being pregnant and still having a period?


You are still a virgin you were at last day of your period and your boyfriend came around your private you cleaned it up really fast what are the chances of you being pregnant?

You can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculation. And on your period or not, you can still get pregnant.

If you got your period could you still be pregnant?

Some women go through an entire pregnancy not realizing they are pregnant until delivery, so it is plausible. If you are pregnant this 'period' might be different from your regular cycle (being shorter, lighter, longer etc). If you're concerned you might be pregnant take a pregnancy test and consult your doctor.

Are you still considered a minor if you are 17 and pregnant in Tennessee?

Yes, you're still a minor. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor.