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Yes i think u can well i know u can because i am and i just had a period a week ago

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Q: Can you still get pregnant if you had your period a week ago?
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What does it mean if your boyfriend came in you a week ago and you get your period?

you are not pregnant, or else your body believes that you are not pregnant

You are 19 week pregnant when was your last period?

Lets say a month is 4 weeks. Anywhere from 6 months and a week ago to 7 months and a week ago.

Can you be pregnant if you had a period a week ago and then for two days you have brown discharge i had sex right after my period?

Its possible. You also could have gotten pregnant right before you period so you should wait a week then take a test.

I had protected sex about a week ago I got my period 2 days after I'm probably paranoid but i think I'm pregnant Am I?

If you got your period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

If you had your period 38 days ago and still no period is it likely your pregnant?

Maybe, best to get a test and check

My period was a week late an now im bleeding light with cramps and im not sure if its implantation or period and i had unprotected sex a month ago but had my period right after can i be pregnant?

same here i had unprotected sex 6days ago and 1day later im on my period that weird shouldn't i be pregnant not on my period..??

Can you get you period and still be pregnant and i had a tubal litgation almost 6 years ago?

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

You had protected sex a month and 2 weeks ago. Can the girl already be a month and a week pregnant?

Well it depends when she started her period and when she ovulated. If she had finished her period is week before you had sex then yes it is very possible she coudl be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant after having unproteced sex a week ago?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Can i be pregnant if you were on birth control injection for two years ago and you got your period last week like five days?

If you're getting your period regularly again, you may be at risk for pregnancy. If you got your period last week, you probably didn't' get pregnant last month.

Could I be having a miscarriage if im bleeding now but i already had my period a week ago?

Since you had your period last week, it is most unlikely that you are pregnant. If the bleeding seems extreme to you, check in with your doctor.

You missed your period a week ago now im having nausea out of no where and your cervix is low are you pregnant?

You could be. Take a test