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Yes it is a best before date, not a use by date. It might be less papatable and have lost it's fizz.

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Q: Can you still drink a beer after the date on the bottle?
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If beer is left in a garage for 2 weeks is it still good?

It depends on the temperature of the garage and the born on date found on the can/bottle.

Is it safe to drink Perrier after the expiration date?

So long a the bottle is still sealed before you open it - yes.

Can you drink bottled cider which is 6 months after its sell by date?

can you drink a unopened bottle of cider 6 months past its sell by date

Is beer good to drink if the date on can is out of date?

Beer is not good to drink past its expiration. Nothing is advised to be drunk past its expiration. The only partially acceptable thing expired beer can be good for is cooking with, however traces of unnecessary materials can be left even after the cooking process.

Does Diet Coke expire?

Yes. And when the due date is past, it's not good. Unlike Coke, Diet Coke has no sugar. Thats why when you drink a two week out-dated Coke it's still great!

Is hadacol still available?

I have a bottle never been opened, no date found on bottle.

Is hadacol tonic still available?

I have a bottle never been opened, no date found on bottle.

How cj can drink beer in ps2?

CJ can drink cans of Sprunk from machines in GTA San Andreas, but otherwise he can only drink beer when he is on a date with a girlfriend in a bar, which is shown in a cut scene. He does not get drunk like Niko does in GTA IV.

How do you find expiry date on Heineken beer can?

Heineken no longer puts an expiration date on its bottle. Instead they are stamped with a date of manufacture or 'birth'. The expiration is nine months after this date.

I have had a bottle of toothpaste and a toothbrush for 7 years. Are they still safe to use?

The toothpaste will have an expiration date on it somewhere. That date is likely past. If it has been unopened, it may still be usable though.

How long can you keep a bottle of mateus rose?

Rose wines are meant to be consumed young they will hold for two years from bottle date but will drop in flavor the older they are. So drink it this weekend and share it with a friend if it is still young enough.

What is the out of date code date on heineken beer?