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More than likely NO! My cousin was 6 months pregnant and her sister who was not took a pregnancy test to see if she were. The pregnant cousin got a negative result and the sister got a negative result. I would trust my doctor before a home pregnancy test. They do not always work.

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Q: Can you still be pregnant if your doctor says yes but a home test says no?
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What does it mean if the clear blue digital test says you are 2-3 weeks pregnant?

maybe that your pregnant and see your Doctor to confirm the test results.

If you miss your period for two months and it says negative on a pregnancy test can you still be pregnant?

If you have had sex it is possible you are pregnant, possibly you were not pregnant when you missed the first cycle but conceived later that month. If you don't get your period and the test still says negative, you should see your MD or Family Planning Clinic. Some woman stop having periods while using BCP, two negative tests in two months with no period, sounds like you are one of those woman. Talk to your doctor about this but it is very unlikely to be pregnant under these circumstances.

Can I still get pregnant after age 50?

in my opinion yes you can because an expert says that when you stop having your period then your maybe to old to be pregnant but if you still have your period then don't even wait just go for it!!

You are 38 weeks pregnant and the doctor was going to strip your membranes today but couldn't because the baby is still too high Will castor oil help get things going?

This is an extemely delicate time of your prenancy so unless the doctor says otherwise wait! DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ON YOUR OWN! The doctor will have you come in for more frequent check-ups.

You went for your scan and there was no heartbeat but a pregnancy test still says im pregnant is that right?

Yes that is right. Your hormone levels can still be high even after a micarriage.

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What if i feel pregnant and the teast say you are not?

most of the tests are not verry accurate you need to go see a doctor for you to find out if you are pregnant or not.if you went to the doctor and the test says that you are not then you are not. try again and if you still can't get pregnent then see a doctor about if you can get pregnent or not if the doctor says you can have him check your husband.

Can you still be pregnant even after the doctor says you had a miscarriage?

It would seem unlikely, however if you are concerned you should go back to the doctor and discuss things, the doctor will not mind!

What if a doctor tell you that if you are not pregnante and you feel somthing move and vomting up?

Well if a woman is pregnant, it is really easy to detect it. If the doctor says you are not pregnant, then you may not be. Symptoms such as feeling something moving or vomiting can indicate many others things. If you still want to assure yourself, get a home pregnancy kit.

Can you use preparation H while pregnant?

The company says yes on their website (both while pregnant and while nursing), but they still recommend asking your doctor first.

Can I still be pregnant if a pregnancy test says negative but I am 25 days late for my period?

It is possible. I suggest going to see the doctor or gynaecologist

Had miscarriage 7 weeks ago no period yet took home test and says postitive I am I really pregnant?

First, buy two more pregnancy tests and take them in the morning when you first go to the bathroom. No matter if they say pregnant or not, still go see a doctor.

Doctor says you are not pregnant but you are still feeling movements could she be wrong?

if you had a blood test there no doubt about you not being pregnant if you feel you are keep trying but once you take a blood test shows negotive then your not pregnant and might be illusinating

What if a pregnancy test says your not pregnant and you have all the symptoms of as pregnancy?

Go to your doctor.

How do can you tell if your pregnant when the homes test says negagive and your spotting?

ask a doctor.

If the doctor says im 6 months pregnant am i 6 months pregnant?

Yes. Doctors wouldn't lie about that.

What happpens if it says your pregnant and when you do another it says your not?

nothing happens you could be pregnant or your not the best way to make sure is go to the doctor then you'll know for sure

What if you look like your pregnant but the home test says your not and you had a period for a couple days?

You are either really fat, or the home test is wrong. NEVER trust those things, go to a real Doctor and ask.

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