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Yes you can spot during the first week of you pregnancy. The egg is being planted into the uterus.

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Q: Can you spot during the first few weeks of pregnancy?
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Can you be 7 weeks pregnant and have a period?

It is common to spot during your pregnancy, but you might want to go to your doctor and have it checked out.

Can you spot on your second pregnancy if the first pregnancy had no spotting?

Yes, you can spot during one pregnancy and not the next. There is a long list of pregnancy symptoms and though some women feel they suffer from everyone, others claim to have no pregnancy symptoms at all.

Is it normal to spot and cramp during pregnancy?


Can you spot with cramps during first trimester?

You can but you should see a doctor for any bleeding during pregnancy for them to determine if it is normal or not.

When do you start to spot during pregnancy?

Not everyone does spot during pregnancy.. It isn't something I would wait for.. I did with my first but not at all with my second. The question was when not can....some women would begin spotting during their second to third month or pregnancy but it shouldn't be more than that otherwise it would be something to worry about.

Can you spot after 4 weeks of pregnancy?

It's not unheard of, but you should see a physician about it.

What does spotting have to do with pregnancy?

threw your first stage of pregnancy u can spot

Is it normal to spot during your seventh month of pregnancy?

Usually it's normal to spot up to 4 months of your pregnancy. However, some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy and have no problems.

What stage of pregnancy do you spot?

Spotting is not normal during pregnancy. Though some women do spot and end up having a healthy baby, you should see your doctor for any bleeding during pregnancy.

Spotting lasts 7 days period or pregnancy?

I'm not a doctor, but I am a mother. You can spot during pregnancy as well as have a regular period during pregnancy. I would suggest waiting three weeks from the missed period and take an over the counter pregnancy test. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss this with them.

Do you spot during the beginning of pregnancy?

Yes, you can spot during the early stages of pregnancy but it shouldn't be considered normal and assumed, it is advisable to check with your midwife to make sure it is nothing serious.

Is b it normal to spot at the begging of pregnancy?

Yes. Spotting is a bloody vaginal discharge or light bleeding down under. Spotting during pregnancy is nothing to be worried about. It is especially common during the first trimester.Congrats!

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