Can you smoke too much pot?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Can you smoke too much pot?
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Truck blowing out whitish blue smoke?

Too much pot down the intake.

Why AM i Always Lazy even though i get enough sleep etc?

you smoke too much pot!

Does it hurt to smoke marijuana when you have asthma?

No, I have athsma and smoke pot. Just take it easy don't inhale too much first time

Do you sell pot?

yeah, and i smoke it too. you wanna buy some?

Does will smoke pot?

Will who? Will Smith does not smoke pot if that's your question.

Does Greg Raposo smoke pot?

No Greg Raposo does not smoke pot

How much does an average pot smoker smoke daily?

As much as theyy want two

How do you get your parents to let you smoke pot?

You say "May I Please smoke pot"

Should you crush the pot seeds before you smoke them?

no you shouldn't smoke pot seeds in the first place. just smoke the bud.

Can marijuana cause violence in people?

no, just think about how much pot hippys smoke and how peaceful they are.

Is it unattractive for girls to smoke a lot of pot?

It is actually very unattractive. When a girls smokes pot too often it makes her a very big pothead even if she thinks she's not.