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U can try to impress him by dressing up or finding out what u guys have in common from someone else and talk about that u can also hang out with him and his friends

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Q: Can you show me the tips how to make a boy start having crush on you and then make him like you?
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What does it mean if all of a sudden you feel like someone's watching you and you start acting hyper like you do when your crush is around?

It means that you really like or love your crush and you make your mind think that the person watching you is your crush !!! No matter who it is !!!

How do you get a boy to like you who is not your friend and have had a crush on him and want to make him jealous?

ok you had a crush on a boy you like and dont know how to tell him so start talking to other boys and hang out with other boys and maybe he might get the hint you like and smile at him.

How do you make a guy have nice feelings toward you?

i just came out of having the biggest crush of my life. i honestly thought i was in love, well my crush's best friend told me that my crush didnt like me because i was to desperate. that is one thing you shouldn't do it scares guys, if you are young don't tell your crush "i think i am in love with you" right away.AnswerYou can't make someone like you, they will either like you or not, and it is best not to push it. Just be friends with this guy, appreciate him for who he is, instead of who you would like him to be.

What to do if your crush doesn't like you?

make him like you or just get over him

What does it mean when your ex and crush talk to each other?

Two things: 1) Your ex would like to start a relationship with your crush, this is what happens in most cases or it could be theory 2. 2) The Ex would like to make friends with the person you have a crush on, the problem with this is the Ex could tell some lies that may push the "crush" away from you and closer to the Ex..

What should you do to make your crush fancy you?

In my opinion, I think you should dress like Sandra Dee and start breaking out into song!I will say just be your self and if he still doesn't fancy you get yourself another crush who likes you and fancy you

I have a crush on a boy and he knows I like him but he has a girlfriend or a crush on someone else and we are just friends how to make him like me?

There is nothing you can do but wait. Often teen relationships don't last forever. If you interfere now he will lose respect for you and it could well cost you any chance of having a relationship possibly with him in the future.

What do you do if your crush knows you like him but doesn?

well, i am in the same situation, and my crush doesn't act like he notices i like him or make fun of me. so i ( as bravely as i can) take a deep breathe and start conversation. but don't make it too random, if Ur at school then talk about something school related. be confident in yourself!! don't act like him knowing is a big deal.

What do you say to a guy when he asks 'when did you start having a crush on me'?

If you ever received a question like this from a guy, and there is some truth in this, you must always make it a point that your response would always put you on a good light. Give an answer that will make put you in good taste, and as much as you can don't make it look like that you are after him. If you do, then you are setting yourself up as a bait for him. Before you know it, he is going to prey on your emotions so you need to be on guard.

Your crush kinda likes you but how do you make him really like you?

Make him laugh, flirt with him. Be yourself.

What should you make of 100 texts of your crush?

they probably like you back.