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Depends on how old it is. Have it checked over by a good gunsmith

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Q: Can you shoot steel shot in a Charles Daly Miroku shotgun?
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Can You shoot steel shot in a Mohawk 48 shotgun?

Depends on what it is choked and what load you want to shoot.

Can i shoot today's shells in a damascus steel shotgun?

NO! This is EXTREMELY dangerous!

Can you shoot steel shot in a Winchester model 21 shotgun?

Not recommended

Can you shoot steel shot out of a browning BSS shotgun?

You risk damaging the barrels if you do.

Can you shoot steel shot through your model 1300 Winchester pump shotgun?

Not recommended

What can you shoot through a Remington 870 tb wingmaster shotgun can you shoot steel or slugs or just lead?

with the wingmaster barrel you can only shoot lead, but if you change the barrel to a slugster you can shoot slugs and buckshot, they also have a barrel for steel shot to.

Can you shoot steel shot out of a turkey choke?

Depends on the load and what the maker of the choke/shotgun say.

Can you shoot steel shot in a Browning model A5 shotgun?

Depends on when it was made. Go to and ask.

Can you shoot lead out of a steel choke?

Yes. Lead shot may be safely fired from a shotgun that is made for steel shot. Problems arise when you fire steel shot from an older shotgun that is made for lead shot only- the barrel is softer metal, and make be scratched by the steel shot.

What kind of shotgun is made in belgium shoots 3in shells and says magnum and can it shoot steel shot it also says special steel on the barrell?

Requires examination by a good gunsmith.

Can you shoot steel shot in a Winchester ranger model 120 12 gauge with full choke?

I see no reason that you cannot.The steel shot sould work fine in your ranger model 120 shotgun.

Is it safe to shoot modern shotgun shells in Vulcan steel barrels?

If Vulcan steel barrel means very old or "Damascus" type twist steel barrels, the answer is an emphatic "NO". You're too young to die, no matter what your current age.