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Needs to be examined by a gunsmith.

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2013-02-09 02:24:20
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Q: Can you shoot slugs in a Smith and Wesson model 916A Shotgun?
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Can you shoot slugs out of the smith and Wesson model 1000 12 gauge if so how accurate would it be?

Yes. You will have to shoot different brands and weights to see which one(s) your shotgun prefers.

Can a smith and Wesson model 14-3 shoot P ammo?

1. It can, but, it is not advised. 2. It is stated by Smith and Wesson that the model 14-3, which is the third change of the model 14 can safely shoot plus P ammunition.

How do you load and shoot a model 459 smith and Wesson pistol?

You need to find a firearms instructor.

Can you shoot slugs in a Smith and Wessen model 916A shotgun?

If it is not choked to tight, yes.

What gun did booth shoot Lincoln with?

.32 rimfire Smith and Wesson model 2 1/2

Is it ok to shoot plus p ammo in smith and Wesson 38 special victory model 10?


Can you shoot slugs through a smith and wesson auto model 1000?

Depending on what it is choked, yes. Have a gunsmith examine it.

Can I shoot p ammo out of a smith Wesson 38 special model 38?

You can, but, you should not. The frame is not rated for +P

Can you shoot buckshot in smith and Wesson model 1000?

You must follow the instructions in the owners manual or call S&W

What is the best cartridges for Smith and Wesson revolver model 28-2?

Thye smith&wesson model 28-2 was chambered for the .357 magnum cartridge.I would say Start with the one round that you and the gun shoot best.Then you can experiment on different weight bullet loads.You may also shoot standard .38 special loads in your model 28.

Can the 39-2smith and Wesson model shoot with no clip?


Can you shoot steel shot in a Smith and Wesson Mod 1000?

It can be done, but, it is not recommended

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