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Q: Can you shoot rifle slugs though rifle barrel?
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Do you need a special barrel to shoot slugs?

yes for a shotgun you need a rifle barrel DO NOT shoot slugs if you have a poly-choke!

What kind of shotgun barrel do you shoot slugs through improved modafied or full?

Youve got the wrong gun If u want to shoot slugs get a air rifle or a slug gun

What can you shoot through a Remington 870 tb wingmaster shotgun can you shoot steel or slugs or just lead?

with the wingmaster barrel you can only shoot lead, but if you change the barrel to a slugster you can shoot slugs and buckshot, they also have a barrel for steel shot to.

Can you shoot sabot slugs in a rifled barrel?

Rifled barrels are meant for sabot slugs. Rifled slugs are fired from smoothbore barrels.

Can you shoot slugs through a skeet barrel?

Guns that shoot slugs are specially designed for slugs. It depends on your gun but most are not designed for this purpose I do not recommend testing it for if they are not the right barrels they WILL break.

Can you shoot a smooth bore slug through a rifled barrel?

Shooting rifled slugs is the ONLY way to shoot thru a smoothbore for deer. If you shoot sabot slugs thru a smoothbore, it will not spin and therefore not be accurate. For accuracy, the slug must spin out of the barrel. Either shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth barrel, or shoot a saboted slug thru a rifled barrel.

What does a shotgun shoot?

Pellets or slugs. shotguns usually shoot shot or pellets, but you can shoot slugs. in Indiana we use a shotgun to hunt deer and use shotgun slugs, better to use a barrel with no choke in it. cylinder bore preferred.

Can you shoot a rifled slug through a rifled bore barrel without damaging the slug or barrel?

Yes, rifled slugs will not damage a rifled barrel. Rifled slugs were originally designed so that they would shoot through any size choke and cause damage to the barrel.

Can you shoot a rifled slug through a rifled barrel?

Rifled Slugs are meant for smooth bore barrels mainly. The rifled slug is made of lead and so if you shoot it through a rifled barrel the lead touching the rifling will cause some of the lead to peal off and can build up over a very short period of time. Also the facft that you are shooting a rifled slug through a rifled barrel would cause the bullet to become extremely unstable and inaccurate. Rifle barrel sare meant for sabot slugs (slugs with a plastic wad surrounding the outside). You should eb good though to shoot a rifled slug out of your barrel with a mod choke tube, but smooth bore deer barrels are ideal.M.I.

Is a Crescent Firearms double barrel hammer 410 with underside of barrel stamped not for ball safe to shoot?

as long as there are no cracks in the barrel, yes. it simply means not to shoot slugs thru the barrel.

Can your Remington 870 with a mod choke shoot rifled slugs?

As long as the barrel choke is "NOT" a screw-in style choke tube............YES slugs can be shot through the barrel.

Can a Stevens double barrel 20 gauge side by side shot gun shoot slugs without damaging the barrel?

Most shot guns can handle deer slugs.