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the judge fires 45 colt which is the same as 45 long colt not to be confused with 45 acp it also fires 410 shot shells

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Q: Can you shoot 45 colt or does it have to be long colt in your Taurus judge?
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Does Taurus 410 revolver shoot 45 long colt?


Taurus judge 45 acp?

no it only takes .45 Long Colt and .410 shotshells

Can you shoot plus p ammunition in a Taurus judge?

No. From page 56 of the Taurus catalog there is no SAAMI specification for +P in .45 Long Colt caliber, therefore the warranty will be void if so called +P is fired.

Can the Taurus judge shoot 30-06 ammo?

No. The Judge series are chambered for .45 Long Colt and .410-bore shotshells. That means a bore diameter of .454 inches, whereas the .30-06 has a diameter of .308 inches. In addition, the pressures would be unacceptable, and it's unlikely that an unrimmed .30-06 round would even chamber in a revolver.

What are facts about the Judge Handgun?

It's a revolver made by Taurus. It is available in 2 1/2 or 3 inch cylinders and a couple of different barrel lengths. It will fire a .410 shotgun shell or a .45 Colt (commonly call ".45 Long Colt")

Can you shoot colt 45 ammo in your 45 long colt pistol?

Have it checked over by a good gunsmith before you attmept this.

Do colt lightning rifles shoot 22 long rifle?

Needs to be examined by a gunsmith.

Can you use colt 45 and colt 45 long in the same pistol?

Actually, the cartridges are .45 ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) and .45 Colt (the cowboy era revolver cartridge. There is not really a Colt 45 Long. Can a revolver shoot both? Some can- they are chambered for the Colt .45 -but to shoot .45 ACP they need a "half moon clip"- a strip of metal that holds 3 of the shorter .45 ACP cartridges. 2 of those fill a 6 shot revolver. The PISTOL (not revolver) that shoots the .45 ACP cannot shoot the .45 Colt- no groove for the extractor to pull a fired cartridge out of the chamber, and it is too long.

What models of 410 shotguns can fire a 45 long colt?

None, other than a very few that are marked "45 Colt/ .410", such as a Thompson Contender, or Taurus Judge. Shooting .45 Colt or any other handgun cartridge in a .410 shotgun can be extremely dangerous. Can it be done? Yes. How many times can it be done before the shotgun fails, and injures you? Ah- THAT is the question- and no one has an answer for that.

Can you shoot 45 colt ammo in a 45 long colt rifle?

a gunsmith needs to check both the ammo and rifle.

Will a marlin 450 revolver shoot 45 long colt and 410?

Nope. The .450 is a belted cartridge.

Can you shoot a 45 cal long colt cartrage out of a rifle chambered for 45-70 govt?

Danger,Do not attempt this!.