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No, you can't send any text message with any phone off.

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Q: Can you send a text message off your lg rumor touch with the phone being shut off?
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How do you send a text message if the touch screen on Tyne rumor touch doesn't work?

get the phone fixed and then send the text

Is the Rumor Touch a reliable Virgin Mobile cell?

Any phone, including the Rumor Touch, is a reliable phone. People have different preferences when it comes to phones though. Tell a store associate what you want in a phone and they will tell you if the Rumor Touch is a good choice for you or not.

Does the rumor touch have to have a contract?

No it doesnt.It depends on the brand of phone you ave.I have the rumor touch for virgin mobile and i don't have a contract.

Looking for information about the Rumor Touch?

The Rumor Touch is a CDMA cell phone which means it can only work for CDMA providers. This great phone can be retailed for about 199 dollars.

What comes with the lg rumor touch?

Usually, a new LG Rumor Touch only comes with a manual, the phone, and the wall charger

What is the difference between Lg banter touch and Lg rumor touch?

They are the same phone.

Is My LG rumor touch able to connect to facebook?

Yes, you can connect to facebook on a LG rumor touch. The phone does have problems with connecting to facebook. You can download a three party app to your phone.

Which is better the lg rumor touch or the Samsung seek?

the rumor touch, because like it has better reception, and the seek is very childish and the phone battery cover comes off very easily, cheap phone, but anyways RUMOR touch, definitely...whoever wrote this is wrong i have the samsung seek and i used to have a rumor touch it sucks because the picture quality is terrible and it drops call.

Can you get a sprint phone cheap?

check out the lg rumor touch. it is $20.00 and it is sprint

Where can you buy the rumor touch?

You can buy a Rumor touch phone most places. Stores like Sprint, ot At&t most likely have it. Stores Like, Target may have it.

How do you reset your lg rumor touch virgin mobile phone?

calarate it or turn the phone off then turn it back on

Does the LG rumor have a touch screen?

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.