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Q: Can you see a pic of my real santa?
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Where is there a good website that is free and i can see Santa's real naughty and nice list?

you should type in pic of SANTA'S not and nice list

How do you see the real Santa?

You cannot see Santa

Does Santa have a website?

Santa does have a website pic Santa not and nice list

Where do you get elf at in the mall?

when you take a santa pic.

You are are doing a project and a need a pic of the Mexican santa?

Its the same as the "American" Santa.

Can you see the real santa?

No you cant see him but i promise though even though you cant see him , he is real and don't ever stop believing in him because he is real

How can I make a Santa's workshop from a birdhouse?

Google some pic of some Santa's Workshop and then copy it

Is. Santa real yes or no?

Santa Claus is real - YES he is real.

If santa is real how come kids can't see him?

Sometimes kids do. :)

What are some ways to see if Santa is real?

You cant, if you try to stay awake to see him he will not come.

Is Santa' reindeer real?

Yes, Santa's reindeers are real if you believe Santa is real! Many people believe Santa is real, but if Santa is real then his reindeers are real! What would the reindeers do if Santa wasn't real, there's no bother for them then!

Is a Santa Claus elf Real?

YES...santa`s elves are real because santa is real