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Q: Can you save the content of a smartboard?
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What is a smartpen?

A smartpen is a utensil that is compatible with the SmartBoard. You use it to interact with the SmartBoard, meaning you touch the pen to the Smartboard.

What is a smartboard and how does it work?

A smartboard is an interactive display board that connects to a computer and allows users to interact with the content on the screen using touch or digital pen inputs. It works by using sensors to detect the touch or pen input and then translates that into actions on the computer screen, enabling users to write, draw, or manipulate content in real-time.

How do you download smartboard notebook?

To download it you have to searchg on google for the smartboard notebook's website then download it.

How do you get smartboard image right-side up?

To get a Smartboard image right side up, you can try calibrating the Smartboard. This involves going into the settings or calibration options on the Smartboard and following the calibration steps to ensure the image displays correctly. If calibration does not work, you may need to adjust the physical placement or orientation of the projector to align with the Smartboard.

What does a smart board do?

what does the smartboard do

Where can you buy smartboards?

The smartboard store.

How much is the mini smartboard?


What are considered smartboard activities?

Activities that are considered smartboard activities are things like: interactive learning games, interactive singing and rhyming and interactive nutrition and stretching.

When was the smartboard made?

The smart board was made in 1991.

Who makes SmartBoard?

The company that makes SmartBoard is called Smart Technologies. This company makes other products such as Smart Document Camera, as well as Smart Conferencing Software.

Why did david martin invent a smartboard?

To make education fun

Did Jaimie-Lee Wilson invent the smartboard?

No it was Davie Wilson