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Try following the aftercare instructions you were given by your piercer first, I think you will find you should not be using anything not listed in the instructions.

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Q: Can you put neosporin on a belly button piercing?
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Can you put a belly button piercing after taking it off?


Can you put aloe vera gel on a belly piercing?

You can, but you are better off using a product that will treat infection, such as Neosporin.

Does a belly button piercing hurt more then a lip piercing?

I have both my lip and belly button pierced. I had my belly button pierced with a hoop and my lip pierced with a bar/stud. The belly button was more irritating then the lip because a hoop piercing requires the piercer to clamp it shut and fiddle around with a new pierced part instead of just screwing a ball on. I recommend any new piercings to be with a bar/stud as it is quicker and less irritating. Put it this way, I'm going for a 2nd lip piercing and not another belly button piercing ;)

How do you protect your belly button piercing during wrestling?

put a massive plaster on it it stops it from moving if its hit. thats what i did in football

Does gettting in a hottub hurt a new belly button piercing?

getting in a hot tub would not hurt a new belly button piercing, but your not supposed to. you should wait at least 6weeks after you got the piercing to sit in water. (I know this because i have ma belly button pierced. i have it pierced all around =)..) Anyway, i suggest you put a water proof band-aid over it or tape or something to cover it up b4 you get in the hot tub.

What do you put on a belly button piercing?

You are supposed to put salt water on it. Either put it on a cotton ball then on your belly piercing for 8 minutes or you can put the salt water in a shot glass and put it on it for 8 minutes. Also remember to make sure it is warm salt water and to rinse your belly ring after. This should be done twice a day (Once in morning and once at night)

Can you get a belly button ring without getting your belly button pierced?

When you get your belly button pierced, the person doing it will generally, if not always, use a stainless steel belly button ring. At least they will if they're a professional, and if not you don't really need to get a piercing from them anyway.This will have to stay in until the piercing is properly healed and then you can put in a clear or plastic retainer, available in different colors.

Does peroxide really help infected belly button piercings?

No. You should never under any circumstances put anything on your piercing such as Peroxide, Alcohol, Neosporin or Bactine. Peroxide, Alcohol and Bactine are very drying to your piercing and the surrounding skin, and will just make the problem worse. Neosporin dries inside your piercing and clogs it, causing a flare up. Regardless of what people may say, the only thing that will fully cure an infected piercing are antibiotics. Other products may mask the symptoms, leading you to believe the infection is gone, but in all reality it isnt. If you think your piercing is infected, see your doctor for antibiotics.

What jewelry can you put in a belly button?

Only put belly bars In.

If a belly button piercing is a bit dry is there anything you can put on it to moisturize it?

That anti bacterial stuff in a yellow tube. It has vaseline consistancy & kills germs.

Is it good to put Neosporin on new cartailage piercings?

You shouldn't because it doesn't let your piercing breathe

What can you put on new belly piercing while sleeping?

I had my belly pierced last year and it can realy hurt when you have catched it, espesualy a fresh piercing, basicly what i did was fold up some tissue paper make sure that it is big enough to cover your belly button. Then you will need a roll of plasters, you can get this from any chemist. you then stick the tissue paper over the belly piercing and stick it on with the tape. Hope this works xx