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If the police have proof that this person was drinking then they can pin this person for underage drinking. But if they dont this person can plead no contest.

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Q: Can you plead no contest to minor consumption of alcohol?
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Can I plead no contest to a MIP?

When asked how to you plead on the minor in possession charge, say no contest. The violation will be written on your record for up to three years. Afterward, you can get it expunged if no other violations accorded. Check with a lawyer before pleading anything in court.

Are you considered guilty if you plead no contest in Florida court.?


What happens if you plead no contest to a DUI?

I would try

What may a defendant plead if he or she does not admit guilt but will not fight the prosecution's case?

No Contest

Should you plead no contest to a class A misdemeanor?

Ask your attorney. This is not a question that can be answered here.

Can you plead no contest in a evading arrest on a motorcycle?

Certainly. No contest has the same effect as a guilty plea except that is may not establish fault in a civil action.

A no-contest plea in court instead of guilty or innocent?

A no contest plea means that you do not admit or deny committing the crime, but you are not going to fight the charge. If you plead no contest, you are accepting whatever punishment the court gives you, but you are not admitting guilt.

Where was Peter Ignatius Ciraulo convicted?

Santa Clara County Superior Court. He plead "no contest" to the charges filed against him.

In Ohio when receiveing a ticket for reckless operation how should you plead and no speeding ticket when you go to court how should you plead no contest or not guilty?

if you are pleading not guilty you wish to fight the ruling i just went through this last month and i made the mistake of pleaing no contest and was found guilty before i could say another word

In Texas your 15 year old got a ticket for 50.00should she plead guilty or no-contest at her hearing?

Essentially "Guilty" and "No Contest" are the same verdict. "No contest" just sounds kinder and gentler. It is highly likely that the fine and any license points will be identical.

If you pled no contest to a DUI is that considered a conviction?

Yes. Essentially a plea of "No Contest" is just a gentler sounding way of pleading "Guilty."

Can you plea innocent in traffic court?

In traffic court you can plead in the following manner: Guilty - Not Guilty - No Contest - or (in some traffic courts) Guilty With An Explanation.