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It seems a bit of an odd question. A conditional discharge means you're discharged on the basis that you'll meet a condition imposed for your discharge. Typically, it'll be used when someone gets discharged from a reserve component to transfer to a different component. It won't prevent you from owning a firearm.

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Q: Can you own a gun with a conditional discharge?
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What is a conditional discharge and what do you need to do in three years to make it all go away?

Not enogh information to answer. Define"conditional discharge." Discharge from WHAT?

Can a conditional discharge be considered if the person is above 21?

Yes, a conditional discharge be considered if the persons is above 21.

A conditional discharge?

An order of conditional discharge may be made if the court does not think it expedient to impose a punishment and a probation order is inappropriate.

Is a person bondable after receiving a discharge for a narcotics offense in Canada?

Absolute discharge - yes Conditional discharge - when all the conditions are met and the discharge turns into an absolute discharge

How long does a conditional discharge stay on your record for in the UK?


Conditional discharge is defined as what by law?

A conditional discharge can be defined as a sentence that is passed to a defendant where they are not convicted of a crime as long as certain conditions are met. If these conditions are not met the defendant will have to be re-sentenced.

If you get a conditional discharge do you have a criminal record?

Not enough info on the "conditional discharge." Is the question referring to a militarydischarge? If so, what was the underlying reasons for it? More info please and re-word and re-submit the question.

Have you been granted a conditional discharge within the past three years?


Can ex felons own a pellet gun or bb gun?

I have read that guns that discharge by compressed air are not recognized as deadly weapons or guns; only those that discharge by igniting. Has anyone else found any evidence supporting this?

How do you restore your gun rights with a dishonorable discharge?

The only thing you can do is appeal your discharge.

Can a felon after discharge from Parole own a gun?

Generally speaking, felons cannot legally own a gun, even after completing parole. Most states do have a process for restoring gun ownership rights to felons, but it doesn't just happen automatically; you have to specifically petition a court for it and they might say no.

How did Samuel Slater die?

Accidental discharge of a gun