Can you love someone in fifth grade?

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2010-06-16 01:02:22

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yes but most of the time it's puppy love

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2010-06-16 01:02:22
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Q: Can you love someone in fifth grade?
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Is it crazy to think you love someone when you're in fifth grade?

i dont think its crazy i mean, im in 5th grade and i love someone :)

Will you fall in love in fifth grade and will it last forever?

i guess u can fall in love in fifth grade and it might last forever but usually no and no

Love fifth grade?

5th grade is alot of fun! but not quite the right time for dating.

If you are a fifth grade girl how do you tell a fifth grade boy that you love him?

talk to him, ask him if at the moment he likes someone in particular. if he does not answer this, he might ask you, in return, you say you have someone in mind, try to hint him off that it's him. if he doesn't get a clue, tell him straight out that, well, you like him. just ask a friend to find out if he likes you

Is it wrong to be in love in fifth grade?

Let me answer your question with another question: Wat?

How do you say love you to a fifth grade girl?

Just say it. You may get lucky

Is it ok to love your teacher in fifth grade?

"Love" doesn't mean just liking someone a lot. It is a big word. It means something that someone else would have if they are older and have been with someone for a long period of time. If you're a 5th grader and you "love" your teacher, I can guarantee that it will not work.

Do you spell out fifth grade?

The correct spelling is fifth grade.

Is sixth grade to young to be in love?

To love someone, yes. To like someone is more appropriate.

Why should you do if you told your friend you like her she said she doesn't like you but you are still in love with her in fifth grade?

you're in 5th grade. You don't know what love IS. Just, forget about it.

You love someone in the 5th grade and he is hot?

Hi! I'm a fifth grader and there's this boy..... lol. You can love anything. It doesn't matter at all if your that young. I like this hot boy. So you have the right too.

Is it normal to have a girlfriend in fifth grade?

Its normal but if she is on fifth grade too.

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