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you can lose water.. which is heavy but as soon as ro rehydrate you gain the weight back.

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Q: Can you lose weight with a sauna suit?
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How much weight or water weight can you lose by wearing a sauna suit while walking for 2 hours?

2 pounds.

Is a sauna a safe tool for quick weight loss?

Saunas have a place in a weight loss regime, but should not be used alone. A sauna will help you sweat out toxins and lose water weight. Most of the weight you lose in a sauna will come back quickly.

How long do you need to stay in the sauna with a sauna suit to lose 1.5 kilo?

I have been using sauna for 25 years almost weekly and I have no idea what a sauna suit is. Finns usually go naked in to the sauna. But the answer to your questions is "never" or "after a very long time". It requires you to be very obese to be even be able to lose 1.5 kg with sauna.The thing with sauna is that it causes you only to sweat, it is a way to cleanse yourself. There is no other magical weight burning effects. When a human body sweats too much, you get dehydrated and sudden dehydration is not healthy.

How long will you have to sit inside of a sauna with a sauna suit on to sweat off a couple pounds?

You don't use sauna suit in the sauna.

Is it easier to run if you train in a sauna?

It's easier to run if you lose weight. Sauna is just a method of cleansing your body.

Does the Sauna suit cause people cancer?

The sauna suit is used to aid in the removal of excess water weight in the body. There is no scientific evidence that suggests the neoprene used to make these suits causes cancer.

What is the proper use for a sauna?

Sweating on the top bench while throwing water on the stove.

Do you get rash by wearing sauna suit in the sauna?

Sauna suits are not meant to be worn in sauna. You are supposed to be naked in there.

Are sauna good for your health?

Yes, it cleanses your skin and helps you lose water weight.

One product sold to help lose weight is type of rubber suit Exercising in this suit is said to reduce weight without dieting By what mechanism is the weight loss?

The reason you would lose weight in this suit is by excercising in it you would get sweaty and burn calories, and then finally lose weight. by:Hannah

Will a rubber exercise suit vibrating machine massage or sauna help you to lose weight?

Whole body vibrating machines can help one lose weight because the vibrations cause the body to contract and than relax. This contract and relax reaction makes the body work hard and thus triggers weight loss in individuals.

Can a sauna bath burn fat?

Yes, but almost all of the weight you are losing is water as you get dehydrated. Once you leave the sauna and have a drink of water, the weight will be back. You also lose weight as the sauna causes your body to sweat which requires energy and therefore increases caloric expenditure. In a 30-40min session you can burn up to 500-1000 calories