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1. Attach the iPod to your computer.

2. In iTunes, use the Eject button next to the device.

If you're like me and don't have iTunes on your Windows computer, but would still like to do this trick anyway, you can do the following:

1. Double-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Taskbar down by the time.

2. A screen will appear that will have a Mass Storage Device. I think I may have seen it show up here as an Apple iPod USB Device. Highlight whichever one represents your device and then click Stop.

3. Click OK to confirm stopping of the device.

Once the device is ejected, you can just leave it plugged into the computer. You can listen while it charges away.

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Yes, of cause. The iPod is much more smarter than to not charge when turned off. I believe that the answer before was the right answer, but a bit of a crappy one, i must say. 'Yes, Duh' makes sence, but please, don't answer you d**k head if your not going to do it properly. I stand by my name 'Cheekychompas28' cause im hell cheeky biaches. SEE YA LATER BIACHES! xxoooxxxooo

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Q: Can you listen to your ipod while charging Will still it?
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How can you play and iPod Nano as you charge it?

Eject the iPod then it should still be charging then press then press menu then you can listen to your iPod while its charging.

Can you listen to an Ipod while it is charging in the car with a car adapter?

Yes you can, you can listen to any iPod whole its charging in the car and if its hooked up to an AUX jack you still can.

Can i listen to my ipod while it's charging?

You can actually, just follow these simple steps; 1 Plug in your IPod into the computer 2 Go to Computer and right-click your IPod 3 Hit eject Then you can listen to your fave. tunes whilst it is charging. Glad to help!

Can you work on an ipod while charging with usb adapter?

If it is an iPod Touch, yes, you can work on an iPod or use the iPod while it is charging.

Can you listen to your iPod via headphones while charging it?

Yes, provided the headphone socket is not blocked by the charger as occurs with some models (such as the newest iPod Shuffles).

Can you play an ipod touch while charging?

yes you can

When is the iPod Touch done charging?

The Ipod touch is done charging when the green battery on screen while it is plugged in if completely filled with green

Can you put songs on you ipod while it is charging?

You can connect it to your computer, so it will be charging. Then iTunes will open up and you can sync your iPod and add songs.

Does leaving on an iPod touch while charging affect the iPod?

no charging it while on is the same as while off the only thing different is maybe one or two apps won't work while charging and you can't move too much do to the short charger for ipods

Can you play on your iPod touch if it is charging?

Yes, you can. Like most electronic devices, you can still use it when it is charging.

Is it okay to play your ipod touch while its charging?

Absolutely. Charging means power is going to the lithium battery cell. playing with your itouch while it's charging doesn't affect it's charging at all .

Is using answering the cell phone while plugged in dangerous?

it shouldnt be dangerous. its like using a laptop while its charging or using your ipod touch while charging.