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Yes. There is nothing wrong with laughing while you are pregnant!

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Q: Can you laugh hard while you are pregnant?
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Can you laugh hard when your pregnant?

yes it doesnt do anything to you

Why did the dinosaur laugh so hard?

Why did the diosaur laugh so hard?

Why is it hard to breathe when you laugh real hard?

It is hard to breathe when you laugh out loud because you used most of you breathe to laugh as hard as you did. Try to get someone to make you laugh. Then see how long it takes you to catch your breathe...

If you can laugh so hard you cry can you cry so hard you laugh?

no. semanticlly impossible. physically impossible

Can your stomach be hard while on your period and possibly be pregnant?

If you would workout more maybe!

Is it safe to kneeboard while pregnant?

Kneeboarding is a high impact extreme sport and crashes are regular and hard. Please do not kneeboard while pregnant. It is akin to waterskiing in terms of danger.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laugh?

laugh while taking a big DUMP

What was Samuel Hearne's goal?

to laugh hard

What will make you laugh?

not laughing at all because if you laugh to hard and long your side will begin to hurt

How do you laugh uncontrollably?

By seeing awkward scilence. And hang around people who laugh. If you hold in your laugh while staring at something or someone. And don't purposely laugh

Why do people cry with laughter?

inside your eyes when you laugh to hard your pupils need to water.that is why you sometimes cry when you laugh

How do you get thin thighs while pregnant?

While pregnant you shouldn't even try particularly hard. Slimming down just about always mean losing weight, and one should be really careful about attempting to lose weight while pregnant. You need a decent food intake for the baby to grow and develop as it should.